Syed Mustafa Ahmad

When a community forgets to live,
The eagles rule, however, few.
When the aim of life is greed,
The hungry stomachs have to feed.
Butchers are murderers in a pious manner.
They know the relish of a nice dinner.
Doctors are criminals in white clothes.
They speak good in clean suits.
Shopkeepers are looters in reality.
They can never find satiety.
Islamic Scholars are fighting over God.
They don’t Know that He has no ward.
Mosques are markets.
The truth is not written on tickets.
Loudspeakers only make noise.
The falsehood has to rise.
Fake certificates are generated for development.
The false Messiahs look out for enjoyment.
No one needs God and that is all.
A true devotee cannot afford to fall.
Double talk is the order of the day.
Happiness is at the bay.

(The author is a freelancer. Views are his own Syedmustafaahmad9@gmail.com.)

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