Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Morality Is At Stake…

Younis Ahad

She is immature, she is unconscious, she has no exposure of the world , she has no idea about her environment, she is least bothered about her insecurity. She has only and only one concern that is chocolate, toffee and her enjoyment. Someone has rightly said that she is the source of strength, power, she is from haven and haven is nothing without her. There is an interesting story about a man who had four daughters , he was anxious about their safety when he used to go for making money. The atmosphere in that area was not conducive… on one fine day their father came to home after finishing his work, was despair ,his daughters persuaded him to tell them what has happened. He saw them but did not respond ,tried to evade the issue but the younger daughter intervened and said to his father , Baba we know everything , we know you are thoughtful of our dignity, maintaining silence in the society would create pathetic environment, time is to come forward said the younger daughter she further added to her father that : are we toys that anyone can play , are we not humans…..what we are she cried. She was hugged by her father. The father said to himself that daughter is not a calamity but it is the nasty mindset of society which thinks so.
Yes I am signifying to the Bandipora incident where a minor girl about 3 years old was raped by wild animal in the form of human shape by luring her, took her to…..it is a story i am ashamed to recount , it was painful and disheartening when this news struck to my ear, i was deeply shocked , how shameful. A video surfaced on social media in which the victims father was face covered, he was asked to recount the whole story .what happnend to his daughter. To be honest i did not see that video all the way because it was stunning and unbelievable, a minor girl was raped! Are you serious? Yes boss it is true , what next , “ jinaza nikal chuk haii quoom kya”, said the Bob. When Asifa`s rape shook the Jammu and Kashmir State, people came on streets crying for justice for her. It was assumed an exception although it is not correct to say so but it has now spreaded in the valley. Another horrific rape was reported from Pakistan and now Aiman Zehra from Bandipora that too in the pious month of Ramazan. I mean society has not changed then… before the advent of prophet (PBUH) daughters were considered as burden and were buried alive. But the prophet (PBUH) prohibited the despicable practice. He gave respect and dignity to the daughters and annoucecd jannat for those who brought up three daughters.
We Kashmiri people are already suffering and our past is full of miseries and disappointments. We raise slogans we want Islamic Rule in the State , we also lend great support to the militants and call a spade a spade that we our womenfolk is not safe under incumbent system, for Gods don’t raise slogans and call back those who have picked the arms. Things will improve if we will resort to self introspection. It is high time for us to nib these elements in the bud , to hold the path of morality, let our daughters live a peaceful life .

(Author is a law student at Kashmir University. Views are his own younisahad222@gmail.com)


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