Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Politics and human nature

Syed Mujtaba Rabani

Current phase drenched in political fervour has taken up majority of the minds. Be it positively or negatively. We as humans are having more affinity to negativity than positivity. We want our politics to be a clean game but without entering it and playing without even using a finger but is that possible? It is quite easy for we the humans out of nature to point and say ,”Politics is a dirty game” but then question arises that if it is a dirty game then why not to throw it out or just enter and teach others to play it clean. Politics is not a dirty game but the players are dirty rotten head, mean people who make hay at the woes of public. Politics is not just game among the leaders of masses representing a certain political party or a thought but playing tricks to gain favours or to demean others too is part of politics not in a wider but in constricted sense. We humans are curious creatures the amount of venom we spill for a thing is actually proportional to the tendency or hidden affinity towards that very thing. We all claim we hate politics yet we all are political being diehard fans of a particular leader sometimes surpassing even the levels of sanity and this love is taken care of ,moulded and then used/misused. These are basically the sentiments of human that take over and rationale takes a back seat while we try to argue over our own heads least knowing that the arguments are not to shut anyone off but to the sub- conscious self that is completely smitten by a particular man or ideology. Political drums have started beating and like whole country even our own state is completely covered in the colours of politics which can not be seen but only felt. Our state has a different story where a major sect supports the process while another huge chunk also opposes it yet actively or passively working in politics. Humans with their power to collect, analyse, comprehend and then rephrase a particular information or incident makes them more susceptible to fall prey to the hounds of politics where these hounds know well how and which strings are to be pulled subjecting them to vulnerability.

There are few factors that can be discussed in it:
a) political impulses
b) political entities
C) political reasoning.

Political Impulses : Political impulses aren’t mere intellectual inferences from calculations of suggestions that and ends; however tendencies before, although changed by, the thought and knowledge of individual individuals. This could be seen if we have a tendency to watch the action in politics of such impulses as personal heart, fear, ridicule, the will of property, etc. Many in politics are driven by such impulses that overall prove fatal for the nation as a whole.

Political Entities : Political acts and impulses are the results of the contact between attribute and its atmosphere. Throughout the amount studied by the politician, attribute has modified little, however political atmosphere has modified with ever-increasing quickness.

Political Reasoning: The method of political reasoning has shared the normal over-simplification of its subject-matter. Some political queries will clearly be argued quantitatively. However even on the foremost advanced political problems practiced and accountable statesmen in reality are handled quantitatively, though the ways by that they reach their results are typically unconscious. Thus, to conclude we can surmise that human nature and politics go hand in hand and if driven correctly can become a reason for the overall growth of nation as a whole while ill driven or impulsive politics can bring upon the doom

( The author is a student at P G Department of Urdu at Kashmir University. Views are his own syedmujtabarabbani@gmail.com)


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