Humans Without Humanity…..

Faizan Ahmad Dar

Faizan Ahmad Dar

We were supposed to be humans but if is so unfaithful that we are left with no humanity we are becoming so blind and selfish that we can cross any limit to safeguard our interest. There are countless people in our country which are not able to get a single bite of food in a day. We are in a country were 22% of population lies below the poverty line. According to trading economics unemployment percentage rate has increased by 3.5 percent from last 4 years. On the other hand there are peoples who have their dining tables designed by tones of foods . Money has become God to humans and we are becoming followers .The followers who can do anything to safe guard their god. Today poor is becoming poorer and rich is becoming richer. Today’s poor people are being trapped in vicious circle. The question is what the reason is? And the answer is given by a great scientist Albert Einstein ‘The world is getting ruined not because of bad people but because of good people who are silent on their badness’’.
There are a lot peoples in our society who are very much capable of helping the poor people but it is just the greed of world stopping them to do it.
In our country there is 22%people blow poverty line as I mentioned but can’t the remaining 78%people help the 22%of people to lift up. Today in an average child of middle class family spends 50 rupees a day if he/she will do a charity of 1 rupee every day in one month that becomes 30 rupees if only 10 lakh children will do the same the amount will be 3 corer which is a huge amount by doing this we will be easily able to lift about 100 families above poverty line only by doing the charity of 1 rupee a day. We are humans and what life is this if we are not able to help anyone in our life. I request everyone please give a thought to it and if anyone want to join us
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( The author is a student. Views are his own)

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