Challenges facing Government Schools

Lone Altaf

As we know, our government schools face worst time with regard to enrolment and the condition becomes bad to worse day by day. It seems the future is getting darker by continuous relying on traditional policies and tactics. Hundreds of schools were closed and many more clubbed to the nearest ones. Has the government ever thought positively about the future of these schools? Have they done survey regarding how these schools came to a worst position? Nobody from the administration has taken such initiative to check the pros and cons as how to revive the government education sector which can help our schools to provide quality education with increased roll.

The sub standard infra structure like furniture, matting uniforms and the books, often come purchased from the higher authorities. These sub standards make no considerable improvement due to its low standard. The things should have a warranty period so as to utilize the public money precisely and wisely with a good quality. The design of the school buildings most of the times does not suit the school environment. The unplanned utilisation of little land available to schools without caring for the problems that would emerge from it. Maximum of the buildings, additional class rooms and kitchen sheds get their walls cracked, floors sunken and cement finishing eroded within short periods after their construction which added to the miseries of the students and the teachers as well.

The biggest problem with respect to curriculum at elementary level is lack of relation between syllabus and needs of a student. No books are available for beginners, the books which are provided free of cost lack the appeal by which a child gets attracted. The pictures are so poor that even teachers feel difficulties in making sense out of them. This is one of the main reasons by which our students remain poor in basic skills set for elementary education. Curriculum must be revised and upgraded as per the needs of students and demands of the time so that some difference is witnessed. The books must be changed and should be made attractive just like private publishers.

Once these government schools in eighties, nineties were at peak level with few private ones in competition. They have produced great personalities and high profile officers, engineer’s, doctors, teachers and scientists etc. In modern times, every company revives and rename their products after they see decline of their products in the market. These companies make a survey after failure and give same product with new name and style. Same is the case with government schools which have to face the competition with private ones who are fully equipped with the latest facilities and gadgets. The government administration at higher levels is not serious as about how to save the future of these government schools.

Now government has taken an initiative to open Kindergarten schools with an attractive look and all facilities which a Kindergarten student needs. This step will help our government schools to increase enrolment at basic level which they lacked before and will help to survive for few more years. Hope the innovative personalities at higher levels would go one step ahead to think about establishing of Model Elementary Schools (MES) in cities, towns and big villages with modern facilities. This step will catch the parental attention towards such institutions. There should be a separate mechanism how to choose teachers and heads for such schools. Only dedicated staffs who are mentally and physically prepared to work and whose records are positive at Zonal level should be choosen for such institutions. They must be sworn and an affidavit taken from them for working with zeal and zest. The head is wholly responsible for the institution and exempted from any interference at any level for the academic year. If any change needed, must be taken with the recommendation of the head of the institution.

Establishing institutions, in addition to Kindergartens, which can change the future of such devastated schools, must be the priority of education policies. These steps can overcome the failure of government schools in providing quality education and help in the enhancement of roll; new life can be infused in the crippled system for the betterment and bright future of government schools which would help the needy to get their right to compulsory education. These are mere suggestions that could be utilized practically; which can encourage parents to enrol their wards in government schools.

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