Fri. Jun 21st, 2019

The Darken Days

Kuchay Yousuf

I wonder, I ponder on the circumstances around. The dark brown clouds of western disturbance floating on with a harsh speed dreadfuly with reddish velvety appearance, making the hearts wrenching and souls trembling, the days on and the days off. The thunders so horrified, piercing through the bones that make others to hide and seek. The nature and scope of my thinking has lost its glory while the darkness evident all through the life. ……Alas…!. The vigour and glory, i was very fond of has lost now. The smile from every face has faded and shaded. Everyone keeping on the style of living but artificially….! knowing that the life is a miracle now.
The circumstances warn that your journey from home to anywhere else can stop for ever in a moment or so without any clue or foot prints behind. All know but live under threat and thross. All know but keep on smiling even if unwillingly. All know but work half heartedly to keep pace with the world around. What has happened to the mankind? All having tears and fears. The life, family, property and what not is all at risk. Alround is hue and cry but all try to become leaders and feeders but to their own company. And rest is the society, rights and duties, all ignored at all costs.
I ponder for what the little fish are offering lives for all while big fishes are jumping over here and there for their cause roaring fiercely but not effective and with no confidence. Circumstances have revealed that the vital brains have lost their vital ideas, sound minds have lost their sound thoughts, the fluent mouths have lost their fluency tongue and all is unseen before the open telescopic eyes of the world over. The babies have lost their cradle songs, the children their plays, the youngsters their hide and seek and all the charm of gilli danda lost. The elders are ruined, busy in burying their future and remembering the days of their happy childhood, storytelling under the icy decorated thatched roofs and thus nothing is saved now.
All around the people run and run with their heart in hands, clothing in brands and housing in concrete sands knowing that this all is short lived. Aahhh……. all have dreams but no sleepy nights. All are busy but without bussiness.
All are gathering but nothing is gathered in the basket. All poets are quite. The story tellers have got new dimentions of story telling thus keep us busy telling stories although the day. Where has gone the sincere smiling of pretty faces. Where have gone the joyful kite flewing guys of spring. Just I was watching the sun set with all reddish colurs. I feared and trembled and un noticingly about thirty years have passed. It is dark now, darkness have lapped everything. I could not see, hear, speak and walk more now. ….Waiting…in tears……
“” WHEN WILL THE SUN RISE AGAIN…..”” so that the children can fly kites again.

(The author is a freelancer. Views are exclusively his own


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