Wed. Jun 19th, 2019

Time-Our Most Precious Resource!

Zahid Ashraf

Time is the most mysterious resource available to a mankind. Science is yet to find anyconcrete reasons how time started (the theory of big bang is still a disputed one) and when and how it is going to end. The unique thing about time is its flow of direction – it flows only in forward direction. Once we miss the time, it can’t come back. It’s under these natural boundaries, time management becomes more challenging. In order to manage time properly one has to foresee the volume of the future events and their approximate timings. If an important event/activity is missed by us because of being engaged with other less prioritized works, it is a lapse. It is equally introspective on our part. When we will deeply scrutinize what went wrong for our failure, we will find it as a sheer negligence on our part or technically speaking it is time mismanagement.Whether we will assign a dollar value to it or not, the time is highly valuable.
Time management apparently is something which everyone can achieve easily but it demands efforts. In fact time management is a very big canvass encompassing many other attributes like – discipline, orderly life, thinking ahead, carefulness etc. Strictly speaking, time management is a way of life. One has to see the things in totality. The results and implications of doing a certain thing are to be considered not only beforehand but also to be analyzed afterwards. Many people argue that if we live our life with so much of thinking and pondering then where is the time to enjoy. The fact is that if time is managed properly one will have more free time for fun and hobbies. We must also remember that one man’s work is another man’s passion. We are always stressed not having enough time to complete a task or achieve our goals. There are many ways to tackle the issue of time mismanagement — today we can download apps, adjust our sleep time, create lists, etc. But if we don’t fully understand why it’s important for us to better manage our time, those apps and lists aren’t going to help us at all. If we don’t have the motivation to use them, we won’t.
We might often think that days should have more than 24 hours, as we are constantly running out of time. There are some studies that focus on how much additional time would be needed in a day in order to do all that is necessary. A good study reports that in the UK, women would like an extra 6 hours and 30 minutes in their day, in France they only want 3 hours and 36 minutes, and in Germany they would like an extra 3 hours and 24 minutes a day. Another good finding reveals that 54% of executives work more than ten hours a day, 71% of workers usually take their work home, 75% of workers relive their job in their dreams, 64% suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia due to time constraints at work, 61% have already cancelled or postponed their vacation several times due to pressure at work, and 74% of executives feel they do not have time for their family. Time management is critical for a successful and less stressful life. Good time management will allow us to accomplish more works in a shorter period of time. It willoffer us free time and produce high success.Each benefit of time management will enrich other aspects of our life. The importance of management in our routine activitiesas well as the work place cannot be challenged. Managing time is not a compulsion but an essential tool for effective management of all activities.A good time management will create more spare time for us and make life smooth and orderly. As good time management becomes a way of life it will significantly change our habits and life style.

(The author a student is pursuing B.Com at Government Degree College –Boys Anantnag .Views are his own)


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