Gains & Losses from ULB Elections

Prof. Kali Dass

Gains & Losses from ULB Elections

Governor of J&K in spite of different ground realities in Kashmir Division, while claiming “Huge improvement in ground situation” also vetted for Assembly elections in J&K after Panchyat elections. Other leaders of ruling dispensation also claimed different things differently in relation to so called successful conduct of ULB elections in J&K, including minister in PMO from J&K. The Hon’ble Governor as a constitutional head forgot his position and gave another political statement I think the present dispensation purely believes in the policy of, “Tell a Lie 99 times, it will become truth 100th time”. Let us remove glasses of Bhakti-Ras and analyze losses and gains in ULBs. India is a secular, democratic republic with Parliamentary system of democracy and political representation starts from Panchyates, ULBs, Assemblies and extended to Parliament. But due to break in coalition, failure of governance where BJP was the partner, unrest amongst 50% of J&Ks population, the ULB elections were boycotted by PDP, NC and BSP. This was the first loss to the democracy but as an arrogant right wing political outfit BJP went ahead for the elections and to make them successful on papers through media it went ahead ignoring boycott call of mass based political outfits in J&K.
li>Second loss was that though BJP claimed yet it could not get desired response from the valley in spite of its close affiliation with Sajjad Lone led Peoples Conference. But again media projected as if BJP has won heart & soul of Kashmiris.

  • There was dismal voting in all the phases in valley and ultimately the overall percentage of votes polled after all phases were 35% and only 4.2% in Kashmir province.
  1. So called Visham-Pitamah of Jammu division BJP, too had personal losses. It lost more than 50% of votes in 03 assembly segments of Jammu city. In addition, from amongst 36 Municipal Councils, there was clear loss in 16, hung in 14 and only in 9 municipal council it gained clear mandate. But almost all media houses projected BJP shining.
  2. Biggest loss of these unplanned and imposed upon ULB elections was a further polarization and deep wave of discontent in Kashmir valley. The new generation of Kashmiri’s became more stubborn and arrogant due to “force in policy” of the ruling dispensation. They completely boycotted elections, as from amongst 132 wards in Kashmir 44 remained vacant, 52 declared unopposed winners and rest had direct contest. In few the votes polled were 3 to 10 only and wining margin was 2 votes vs 01 vote. The older generation’s belief was further become firm that New Delhi’s political dispensations wants to run the show in J&K and especially Kashmir as per their own whim’s and fancies, BJP being the worst ruler.

Let the people at helm of affairs gain the confidence of people of J&K rather than imposing their own will on the people of this disturbed state.



  1. The present political dispensation with right wing ideology satisfied its Ego that it can force upon their own decision on J&K and Kashmiris more firmly and in more dictatorial manner. It in fact is a loss in democratic system.
  2. After completion of ULB & Panchyat polls, state may get 525 crores & 775 crores respectively as direct grants for strengthening grass root infrastructure, what happens in reality is not the issue with the people in power corridors at this juncture.
  • It has further consolidated Kashmiris for the right or wrong they are doing. It has further polarized the regions on communal lines. It has brought Kashmir situation on almost non reversal mode.


Democracy must be run democratically and if the people by whom, for whom and to whom this all is, do not participate in it by their own choice, its dooms day for the democracy.  Is this country fast losing Parliamentary system of democracy, Can BJP bringing peace, prosperity and confidence amongst Kashmiris for Union of India, Can BJP by its uncalculated agenda bring Jammu at par with Kashmir in governance democratically, Are we heading towards constitutionally impossible trifurcation of the state are the few questions BJP needs to answer to both Jammuites and Kashmiris through its representatives in J&K. Let the people at helm of affairs gain the confidence of people of J&K rather than imposing their own will on the people of this disturbed state.

(The author has mailed this article to “Kashmir Horizon”. Views of the author are purely his own but not of “Kashmir Horizon”)

Source: Prof. Kali Dass

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