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AMU the Aligarah Muslim University has been an easy target for the right wing forces since long. Earlier too many right wingers led by the same Satish Gautam( MP from Aligarh )tried to disrupt AMU’s peaceful atmosphere when he gratuitously introduced a controversy in 2014.
Going back in history, it is pertinent to that AMU and Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) are among the rarest institutions in the world whose students have played a major role in the country’s independence struggle. Mahatma Gandhi himself went to Aligarh in 1920 to invite AMU (then MAO College) students to seek their active participation in the freedom movement. The students didn’t disappoint Gandhi and played a vital role in the liberation movement. Hasrat Mohani, spread the message of the movement far and wide through his writings. Mohani tabled the resolution for complete independence in the 1920All India Congress Committee session held in Ahmedabad.
Recently president of India Ram Nath Kovind has praised the role of AMU in India’s development citing the accomplishments of AMU alumni like Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, anti-apartheid activist Dr Yusuf Mohammad Dadoo, and former President Dr Zakir Hussain, the students of the university excelled in different fields like politics, administration, education, law and science. It was not digested to the controversial Member of parliament from BJP , who in no time instigated his evil brigade to tarnish the image of this reputed institution of learning.
As we know the greatest gift of NDA brigade to the Nation is polarisation and a wedge between Hindus and Muslims .The more the wedge ,the more chances of dividends in election. The poor fellow from Sangh doesn’t know that to liberate the countrymen from the Cultural and Educational bandage of the colonial empire, towering centers of learning like the Darul Uloom Deoband, Darul Uloom Nadwa and the Aligarh Muslim University were established in the late 19th century, which are still counted amongst the leading Indian seminaries.
Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), occupies a unique place among pre-Independence universities in India, carries an identity which depicts the idea of India in its character of pluralism, inclusiveness and unity in diversity. Starting their evil ambitions from shining India , they are day by day creating new controversies by indulge people in their pre-planned games , particularly at the election time. Intellectual section of the society, public in general, business groups, farmers, weaker section & those who were expecting a change have understood the situation and retaliation has started. To avoid Public anger , these hate mongers create fear among the people.
This time there Aim was clear, their jealously is with a particular section of the society. They can’t tolerate the development of Minorities. Thanks to civil society of India, who in one voice rejected their nefarious designs. Appriciations to the Ricksha pullers of Aligarh who refused money from the girl students who thronged protest venue for the respect of their Alma Matter, when goons of Sangh created fear psychosis recently.
Going back allegations & accusations of Sangh to Jinnah, their own founder V D Savarkar has supported two nation theory of Jinnah at Ahmedabad in 1937, where he was declared president of Hindu Mahasabha. Even people like L K Advani have praised the role of Jinnah in the freedom struggle. He was not all alone in this worst episode of partion. Analysing the facts of Sangh, right from 1947 , it has done nothing for the welfare of people & development of the nation. It’s Base depends on creating new episodes of fear, polarisation, riots & communal violence. People of India have understood their real face & there countdown has aleardy beginned.

(The author a freelancer often writes on current issues. His views are personal)

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