Follow basic precautions, get vaccinated, avoid crowds : Dr Tasaduk tells people

Kashmir-based physician Dr Tasaduk Hussain Itoo today said that people must take necessary basic precautions while getting back to routine life , ensure to get vaccinated and avoid crowds. He said that it is very concerning to see people discrediting necessary precautionary measures and getting to routine works without wearing face masks and avoiding physical distancing wherever necessary.

Dr Itoo also said, while routine works are back to normal, it is imperative that people should not lower the guard and should stay, awake, serious and cautious without exercising any kind of leniency.

“I could see a lot of difference while doing duty in COVID wards then and now. Patients are responding to scientifically researched treatment well — the mortality has decreased and the moderate to severe COVID patients who earlier used to get on invasive ventilation easily are now getting better even on high flow oxygen, not needing invasive ventilation procedures in most cases” Dr Tasaduk said.

He advised the people should go for vaccination on their turn as scientific research has shown that the vaccine is safe, efficacious and immunogenic — that has the potential to relatively protect you from Covid-19 infection, besides it shall help in decreasing the spread and severity of virus. Adding that people should believe in scientific evidence and avoid falling prey to any kind of rumours.

Dr Itoo said, elderly people and patients who are suffering from comorbidities should take extra care, get vaccinated on priority and should not be allowed to move out unless necessary.

“Re-imposing lockdown measures has to be considered, keeping in view of the emergence of new variant strains of the virus, recurrence of waves and re-surge in the number of cases. However, lockdown measures are not sustainable solution for long taking into consideration the economic crisis and difficulties in human sustainability especially in developing countries.”, he said

“People have to behave responsibly in the long run and need to get vaccinated and follow basic precautionary measures and SOPs to ensure their own safety and safety of their community.” he added.


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