Rotary Club of Pune and Borderless World Foundation, organise  Super Speciality Medical camp at Army Goodwill School, Naugam.

Kupwara: Healthy Awaam is the wealth of any nation and providing adequate health facilities and consultation services to residents of the remotest areas has always been a great challenge for any country. With the aim of reaching out to the last citizen and the farthest of villages,  Naugam Brigade of The Indian Army in partnership with The District administration Baramulla, Rotary Club of Pune (South) and Borderless World Foundation, today on Saturday launched an initiative to organise a Super Speciality Medical camp at Army Goodwill School, Naugam.
   The focus and intent was to  reach out to the Awaam of Mawar Valley who get cut off from the accessible medical and healthcare facilities for a better period of the year due to harsh weather conditions compounded by  remote location and heavy snowfall.
The camp was a  ray of hope and provided much needed medical support to  the residents of the Mawar Valley, who have been facing the burnt of a global pandemic & harsh winters. People from all villages attended the Medical Camp with super specialist doctors like   Genrel Physician, Opthalmologist,  Gynaecologist, General Surgeon and Pathologist. Such an experienced and renowned team of doctors had never been seen before in this remote location.
The locals not only got free consultation regarding their ailments but were also  made aware of various infections and diseases including Covid-19 and its various mutations and strains. The Awaam was also educated regarding various precautionary methods to control Covid-19 outbreak in the locality.
The locals welcomed this gesture of the Naugam Brigade by paying their heartfelt gratitude the the officials and the specialist team of doctors carring out this humane service in this time of global pandemic.
According to the reports this initiative proves that the will of civil-military partnership is indomitable and that we stand together in serving our Awaam with a outreach motto of ‘Whoever, Wherever and Whenever’.
 The Indian Army stands committed towards the welfare of its Awaam and will always strive to roll out such initiatives in the future.

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