Surinder Choudhary quits PDP; Says ‘ coterie politicians hijacked party’

Jammu March, 30: Former MLC and senior leader of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Surinder Choudhary along with District Development Council (DDC) member, Block Development Council (BDC) chairman, Sarpanches, Panches and Councilors resigned from the primary membership of the party.

Addressing a press conference,  Choudhary announced his decision to quit the PDP. DDC member from Nowshera Manohar Singh, BDC chairman…….. and a large number of elected representatives were present in the press conference.

“PDP is hijacked by a coterie comprising drawing room politicians, land grabbers and mafia. This coterie is responsible for resignations of almost all senior leaders of the party”, Choudhary said and regretted that the party has shamelessly abandoned the visionary agenda of late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.

Before resigning from the primary membership of the party, Mr Choudhary wrote a letter to PDP president Mehbooba Mufti in which he cautioned her against this coterie.

“With heavy heart, I am writing this resignation letter to you as I have no option but to quit the party which has, unfortunately, been hijacked by the unscrupulous elements with mysterious character. Unfortunately, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), which had earned trust and faith of the people of all regions and sub-regions of J&K under the visionary leadership of late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, now has turned into a party of drawing room politicians, who have no communications with people at grass-root level”, Choudhary mentioned in the letter.

“….I remained associated with the party through every thick and thin, since its formation to carry forward the visionary and pro-people agenda of late Mufti Sayeed.

The one and the only mission of late Mufti Sayeed to form the PDP was to provide a viable and secular alternative in the erstwhile state of J&K to represent regional aspirations of the people.

It was the desire of Mufti Sahib to establish a lasting and sustainable peace in J&K by removing alienation among all alienated sections of the society, especially the youth”, he recalled.

During his two tenures of Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed had proved how to strike a balance among different regions and how to treat all communities equally. As late Mufti Sahib had set an example of good governance, his first tenure as Chief Minister of J&K is still considered as the ‘Golden Era’ in the political history of J&K.

“On the one hand, Mufti Sahib had brought accountability and transparency in the administration to deliver a corruption free governance, he also had convinced the then Atal Behari Vajpayee led NDA government at the Centre to take Confidence Building Measures (CMBs) to ensure lasting peace on the borders. Opening of Uri-Muzafarabad and Poonch-Rawlakot roads on the LoC were the result of the peace initiatives of late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed ” he pointed out.

“Unfortunately, after the demise of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, PDP is virtually hijacked by those having no connection with the public. The leaders, having direct contact with the masses, were ignored as a coterie- comprising drawing room politicians, land mafia and land grabbers, has completely taken control of the party”, he said and added that being a dedicated member of the PDP, he repeatedly suggested party leadership to stick to Mufti Sahib’s visionary and secular agenda by sidelining such elements but to no avail. “My suggestions were not taken seriously by the leadership because drawing room politicians never allowed you to listen to genuine mass base leaders.”, he regretted.


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