Let’s make BGSBU a social catalyst to change JK’s academic landscape: VC Akbar Masood tells Varsity Alumni

Rajouri: Vice-Chancellor of Baba Ghulam Shah University Akbar Masood in an emotional note to alumni of the university says that he considers them as the most important stakeholders of the BGSBU fraternity. “As is enshrined in the vision of the university, you are the architect for tomorrow and not the curator of the past. You are the leaders and by no means the customary camp followers,” he writes in a message to the university alumni.
VC further says that the entire region of Pir Panjal and while J&K looks up to the alumni of the University with hopes and aspirations and asks them that they have to come up to their expectations. As Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious university, he is equipped to make all endeavours to make BGSBU a medium to act as a social catalyst to change the academic landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.
Seeking cooperation from the alumni Masood further says that he shall marshal all resources to occupy the much-coveted Center stage to provide the national model of students’ success. While praising the faculty and staff of BGBSU VC writes that they imbibe a student-centric approach and will provide academic mentorship to an individual student for timely completion of their academic programs to make them the proud alumnus of BGSBU. “The deficiencies, wherever existing, will be identified and redressed effectively and on time. Let me state with absolute clarity that in my scheme of things, there is no scope for slackness and dereliction of duty,” he said and added”. I made my intentions clear from day one of my taking charge and I firmly believe that adherence to rules, following a well regimented disciplined life, and vigorous pursuit of a well-defined roadmap is the key to success.”
Masood strongly exhorts students to follow this Mantra if they wish to make a mark in life. “In this highly competitive world, mediocrity has no place and it is only the best who survives.”
To touch heights and accomplish our dreams VC says “the University will closely monitor, facilitate and reward the achievers. At the same time, I shall be genuinely concerned with the problems and difficulties being faced by the under-performers and would sincerely lend them a helping hand to let them come up to the shore but the initiative has to come from their side. As time would tell, these are my firm commitments and unyielding resolve.” Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University was established in the Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir way back in 2002 and became functional in 2005 intending to provide quality education and equipping students with the acumen to address both local and global challenges.
Within the short span of its existence, the University achieved remarkable success and continues to march ahead with new program initiatives: a modern curriculum, research endeavours, student engagement, professional training, faculty development, meaningful collaborations, initiatives towards establishing the state-of-the-art infrastructure, industry partnerships/internships. “All these initiatives aim to make discernible transformative changes in tune with the changing national paradigm which may have a fruitful bearing on students, faculty, industry, and society, at large,” Masood stresses. He further inscribes that the University community subscribes to the fundamental conviction that education is the cornerstone for building strong, resilient, and enduring societies. It also instils a spirit of professionalism, social consciousness, and a deep sense of civic awareness, all interwoven together with a yearning for positive outcomes. “It provides multiple opportunities to grow academically, rises intellectually, expands socially, and produces virtuous human beings. In the process, critical thinking is emphasized, teamwork is promoted, and technology awareness is instilled.” In consonance with NEP-2020, the VC says that new veins of knowledge are explored, multi-cultural awareness and empathy are developed, interpersonal competencies are fostered, practical life skills are honed, and the ethical practices are woven into its rugged fabric.
While putting down the academic details of the University Masood says that presently the University is running 62 courses and in a short span, it has achieved many milestones to its credit and, amongst them, most importantly, are inculcating the culture of research in nationally and globally relevant thrust areas and cutting edge technologies. Extensive organization and participation in the national and international seminars and workshops, series of social outreach programs, initiation of consultancy services, acquiring substantial extramural research grants from R & D agencies including the prestigious World Bank TEQIP III grant has been the hallmark of success in the recent times. Recently, NAAC accreditation, despite serious inherent limitations, has opened up new vistas for more developmental projects. He further stays that he was deeply committed to attracting highly devoted faculty and motivated students with the ultimate aim to achieve academic excellence, carry out first-rate research, and render meaningful service to society with outreach programs. Impetus will be given towards introducing new interdisciplinary courses both in STEMM like Biochemistry, Pharmacy, etc., as well as in Social Sciences, in a phased manner. Frontier and cutting-edge research areas will benefit from the opening of such courses and allow the dissemination of knowledge to the potential stakeholders to create an environment for faculty and students to make discoveries.
“We shall try to increase Women’s representation in higher education and research which is now a global priority and an important cornerstone to providing inclusiveness and gender equality. Being uniquely located geographically on the mountains of Pir panjal range BGSB University has also a huge potential of attracting students and faculty interested in courses on Tourism, Horticulture, Biodiversity, and the like and the University will soon be making signs of progress in this direction. “In our mission to contribute to national development, BGSB University has a great potential to acquire the status of Center of Excellence to chisel and produce confident leaders, independent thinkers, and creative entrepreneurs.” He is committed to the professional development of students to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to play a leading role in varied sectors. “The University programs for faculty development shall ensure a dynamic and futuristic environment for teaching and research. The forthcoming support from the Government of Jammu & Kashmir, as well as apex grant agencies of the country, is bound to foster the progress and developmental growth of BGSBU in particular and that of the Pir Panjal region at large. “With the support of all the stakeholders, this University will achieve its academic and research goals in a short time,” hopeful Masood adds.
Prof. Masood closes his emotional note with the words, “I value and welcome diversity of thoughts and unbiased input and am always accessible via email or personal meeting with prior appointment. With the invaluable cooperation and support of all of you, I am confident that BGSBU will achieve new dizzy heights of glory to make us all feel proud of its existence.”

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