Torna Battalion helps move pregnant women to hospital in harsh weather from Jabri village

Boniyar: In the early hours of the 03 Feb, one of the posts of the Battalion received  a distress call from the locals of Jabri village  intimating,  critical situation of a pregnant women in the village.
Owing to the harsh weather and snowfall, evacuation of the patient was getting delayed, thus aggrevating her  precarious condition. The post commander immediately activated and led a Gypsy based  medical rescue team to the village without loosing no time . A quick medical review was carried out  and assessing the complication of the case, preparations were done for furthur evacuation. Alongside, the Battalion contacted PHC Boniyar and passed advance information to the Gynaecologist about the evacuation .
Inspite of bad weather and road conditions, the rescue team reached the PHC in time and admitted the patient.
The family and locals expressed their gratitude to  the Army for their swift action and timely assistance.

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