JKAP seeks enhancement of monthly cash assistance of Kashmiri displaced community

Party bats for political reservation, one job per family

Jammu: Seeing enhancement of monthly cash assistance, Apni Party Monday organized leaders and workers to meet of Kashmiri Displaced community at Udheywala in Jammu District. Former Minister and Vice President Apni Party, Usman Majid, Ex-MLC and General Secretary Apni Party Vijay Bakaya and several others attended the meeting.
Apni Party leaders Vinod Pandita, Sanjay Dhar, Abhay Bakaya and Dazy Dhar while whole heartedly welcoming the senior party leaders in this interaction meet and party’s outreach programme highlighted the genuine problems of seven lakh Kashmiri Pandit migrants living in exile for last more than thirty years like enhancement of monthly cash assistance from meager amount of Rs 13000 to 25000 per month in view of present hike in daily essential commodities, one job per family on the pattern of Punjab, political reservation in the new political scenario to remove decades old discrimination, construction of addition accommodation for PM package employees working in valley, updation and rectification of voter lists, rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits back in valley with honour and dignity to as per their wishes and many other basic issues in exile and appealed the party senior leadership to take up the issues with the Governor administration and union Government to get them resolved on priority basis.
Vice President Apni Party Usman Majid while addressing the gathering stated that the migration of Kashmiri Pandits was a big tragedy and the Kashmiri Muslims who had lived in harmony with them miss them and yearn for the day when they can return and live with them as before.
Usman Majid further recalled the great contribution that KP’s had made to Kashmir society as teachers, doctors engineers and social activists and also acknowledged the courage and determination the community had shown in facing the adversity of displacement. He admired the community for having preserved their traditions and cultural identity.
He stated that the Apni Party had emerged as a political outfit which would take the people on the path of development and refrain from divisive politics and hollow promises.
He assured that Apni Party would work sincerely towards the dignified return of the community to regain their roots and he demanded that the meagre relief of Rs 13000 which was a pittance should be increased suitably
Usman Majid said that he was very thankful to the organizers for giving him an opportunity to interact with them. General Secretary Apni Party Vijay Bakaya while thanking the audience for having spared time to meet with the senior functionaries of the Apni Party, told them that the time had come for the community to assert itself politically by supporting the Apni Party which was the only party which was working towards reducing the trust deficit that existed between the people of Kashmir and the Govt of India which listened to leaders of the Apni Party headed by Altaf Bukhari and had addressed many issues brought to its notice.
He assured that the KP community can easily relate with this Party as it was clear in its commitment to the nation and to the prosperity of all people and regions
He said that the Apni Party would strive to draw up a road map for the return of the KP’s to the valley in consultation with their representatives and ensure their dignified rehabilitation.
President Women’s Wing Jammu Province Smt Namrata Sharma lauded the role that the women of the displaced KP community had played in bringing up their children against heavy odds who had now spread to all parts of the world and made a mark.
She told the audience that she could understand the pain of displacement as she herself belonged to a family which was displaced during partition, and she was proud that the KP community had shown resilience to rebuild their lives and the Apni Party would help them to get resettled in Kashmir with dignity and honour.
She welcomed the ladies who joined the Apni Party in her presence and hoped they would strengthen the Party and spread its message of pragmatic and truthful politics.
Provincial Vice President Jammu Syed Asgar Ali advised the KP community to remember their strengths like their professional competence, their administrative acumen, their education and progressive outlook.
He admitted however that the K P’s had faced adversity with great endurance and dignity and carved out a bright future for their children
He assured that the Apni Party would be in the forefront of highlighting their problems and seeking their redressal.
Abhay Bakaya Youth leader said that previous governments had paid only lip service to the plight of the KP’s but the Apni Party had empathy and the capacity to get the problems of all sections of society to be resolved. He demanded that if GOI can send financial assistance to needy countries why cannot they enhance the relief for those KP’s who are totally dependent on it. They were welcomed in the party by the senior leadership present on the occasion and hoped that with their joining the party will be strengthened and benefited and they were told to go to the people at gross root level with the policies and programmes of JKAP.

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