January 15, 2021

To Believe in the Life Hereafter (Aakhirah)

To believe in the life hereafter (Aakhirah) is considered as a fundamental belief in Islam after the belief of Tawheed and Risalah. Anyone who denies the rising after death becomes a disbeliever, Kafir. If a person goes to the next world as a disbeliever, will be sentenced to an eternal life in Hell. Most of the people of our time appear not to believe in this essential fact. They simply think this life consists in only being comfortable and leading an easy life. They act as if their objectives are only to enjoy everything, travel, live in comfort, and become rich. Such people do not think about the rising and do not believe that they will be called to account for their worldly life. A human being cannot live with such a degree of nonchalance. The result of such indifference will definitely be disastrous. People who argue that it is impossible to be resurrected after death and that the body, after having turned into soil, will not be brought together again, are not few in number. But they are certainly disbelievers, irreligious and spiritually poor individuals. Within their minds exist some logical explanations for rejecting the rising. However, it is not within the greatness of Almighty Allah to recreate man, if we consider His ability to create man from non-existence (or from one drop of fluid) How is it possible to suppose that the creator of this entire universe, with all its marvellous creatures, is unable to again create man? The leaves of trees fall during the autumn season, consequently, trees appear to be dead with their bare branches. However, do not they come back to life again in spring? The great Scholar Celaieddin-I Rumi says, “What seed has not been able to sprout to the surface after being sowed? Indicated that after being buried humans will be resurrected. The following logical reasoning, ascribed to Hazrat Ali is of an exemplary depiction of the issue: “Ahmed believes in the life after death. However, a friend of him, Kayathat he, Ahmed tries hard to convince him. However, he fails to do so.


To believe in the next world (Aakhirah) with some doubt is a defective belief. The belief must be perfect and without an iota of doubt.

At last, Ahmed says to Kaya that he (Ahmed), practices all the commandments of Almighty Allah and believes in the next world. Ahmed continues by saying, “Maybe I get tired and have more difficulties than you because I practice Almighty Allah’s orders and rules. I fast and pray; however, you do not worship at all. However, let us imagine that we became old and died. It will be certain whether or not the next world exists; I will be met with respect and live in comfort there. If it doesn’t exist, then I will lose nothing; the only cost will be the weariness. I experienced sometimes while worshipping Almighty Allah. But in your case, if the next world does not exist you will incur neither profit nor loss. You will not be able to rescue yourself from eternal Hell’s endless torment. Therefore, according to balance reasoning and logic, whose approach is correct? I leave this issue to you to ponder upon.” Nothing can be said against this type of logical argument. Furthermore, we want to point out that to believe in the next world (Aakhirah) with some doubt is a defective belief. The belief must be perfect and without an iota of doubt.

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