January 15, 2021

Resolutions for Students in 2021!

When we look at how the year 2020 has gone, the dawn of a new year can’t come soon enough. The year 2020 will be remembered for wrong reasons for a longer period of time for the rise of Covid-19 pandemic and its outcomes. But we must also remember it for positive reasons for teaching us good lessons where we stand as a progressive world and what more needs to be done for our betterment. The year will be also remembered for bringing valor, commitment, courage and unity in this world. The year 2020 has also reminded us how quickly organisations can also act in times of crisis. The pandemic forced many organizations to make decisions faster and become much more focused. Let’s begin this new-year 2021 by recommitting ourselves to the values of respect, unity, brotherhood, openness, and compassion. We live in a very turbulent and contradictory time, but together we can and must do everything for our society to develop successfully, so that everything in our life changes for the better. There must be greater efforts in fighting deadly diseases. Every citizen has to contribute to make this world Corona Virus free. There is no time that is too late or early to build upon career ambitions. Career trends might change but passion towards a field of work is usually built inside since early days of life. Students should build on their career plans right away. It could change with time. But different plan is better than no plan. Making a career plan will help you to travel towards your academics easier. Students must check out for the companies that offer internship in their field of interest. If any student is too young for an internship, he/she must try taking a field visit to those workplaces. Students must try organising an educational trip with classmates and learn industry insights.
This year, students must devote time in learning new skills. Students need to be punctual. Being punctual will help them to meet deadlines in studies and in future at their workplace very easily. If students make a plan, it is important to stick to it to progress in student life. If they don’t value their plans, who else will? So students have to be on time in their goals. Students must not underestimate the value of extra-curriculars. It’s okay if any student is not a top athlete but participating can help him/her become better not just in that sport but in the personality too. Students have a bigger role in the society. This year students must try to be organised and ensure their homes and surrounding is clean and tidy. By giving time to relationships, students can maintain emotional well-being and live a happier life. If students have any habit like smoking, drinking, etc, then they must make a decision to give up these habits this year to live a healthier life. Today heart diseases are on the rise. We must try to explore more hobbies in this New Year as it will keep us away from the heart disease. Though 2020 has been a tough year for most people worldwide, it is the time for a fresh beginning. We must learn valuable lessons from our past failures and move forward with safety, confidence and unity.
(Author is an Assistant Professor at the School of Management, ITM University Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Views are his own)
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