January 7, 2021

Expectations From New year (2021)

As we look up for the Dictionary meaning of Expectation, one can find it as ,”The feeling that good things are going to happen in the future” and off course everyone is expecting the same connotation from the year 2021.Yes life can be quite challenging when your expectations are not met. You might have read all the ‘Success Stories’ online and obviously you are feeling thirsty now in terms of expectation and success. It is not bad that if you have better expectations about yourself in the year 2021 and I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people actually achieving them in this year. Taking into consideration the year 2020,everybody wants to wipe out all the ‘Events and Episodes ‘ regarding COVID-19.I personally believe COVID will last long a few years more but yes one should speak and think positive always. Your views can definitely hit me back. There is merely no sector of Education, Trade, Industry, Economy or Business left out that was not directly or indirectly affected by the strains of COVID-19.Let me help out you people in Erasing the dreadful memories of the virus by just adopting the following two methods: A)Make a picture of the memory that you want to forget, try to imagine this dreadful detail like a picture. B)you can also try using another image in place of the Actual picture. Off course this may not work for some people, as old memories never truly go out of mind. Building positive attitude, you need to consciously practice on the thing that brings you focus, Positive Vibes and Desire to be Dedicated. We have to accept responsibility for our behaviour and actions .Some people blame everyone and everything but it is up to us to choose our attitude every morning. We are in the year 2021 and it is just the beginning new year means a new begining. Expectations are high and in my opinion ,how you bring good things in this year is far less important than what you plan to do in it.
(INSHALLAH) It is the ‘ Behavioural Decisions ‘in our lives that determine our Achievements, not the ‘Perceived Limitations’. If you are going to make a list for the year 2021 ,make it Believable (I have just thrown mine to ALMIGHTY) and you have to do the same too. Lower your expectations to your size and grasp for the New Year. Let me clear this with an example that, if a teacher has high expectation from his/her student, then hopefully he or she will have high expectations on themselves too; the teacher will deliver the kind of Quality Education necessary for the student to Excel. I hope everyone comes out with full – Filled dreams, outstanding results and grades, higher yields and incomes and more importantly a happier and healthier body souls. I am concluding my piece on a positive note with my final advice for all of you, ‘STORIES ARE EVERYWHERE TRYING TO ENGAGE WITH YOU, JUST DONOT BE ENGAGED THAT MUCH IF IT IS GONNA AFFECT YOUR VIEWS OF REALITY. ‘You are probably just Normal, which is good, believe me and plan this new YEAR 2021 neither too great nor too pathetic. Live happily ,stay strong and help others when they need you.

[email protected] (The author is a student at Department of Chemistry at AMU Aligarah. Views are his own)

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