December 25, 2020

Environmental Degradation

 Syed Mustafa Ahmad  

This beautiful earth is going through a dreadful transition;
Because the inhabitants of the earth are doing a false transaction.
We are taught about the false resurrection;
And they have made themselves a gullible creation.
Air is polluted and not suitable for breathing anymore;
And a person is confined and hates to come through the door.
Gaseous state of air was given to us so that we can store;
But we become animals like a lion, that only knows to roar.
Water is made an acid, of no use;
Because for an electric shock, we do have a fuse.
A ship is not useful for us and forgets to cruise;
And no further work is done on the Suez.
Noise is all around and no melody soothes our ears;
Because after devastated the forests, we are facing the ferocious bears.
We do have the rejected vehicles that don’t have any usable gears;
And the humans are using the bygone technologies without any fears.
Greenery is lost in the air by the manmade activities;
And the time isn’t far away when the whole earth will be flooded , particularly the cities.
We destroy the nature with the false innovations and call it the varieties;
And I laugh in mirth at these mentalities.
Species are lost on the daily basis;
And there is no dearth of the toxic gases.
If we are living on the earth ,what are the basis!
And if we are accountable ,try to face the cases.
Glaciers are melting down in the swiftest way;
And we will be lost and don’t say that the said day is far away!
Our natural Sun is fading in the harshest manner and losing the ray;
And we people are denying this and substitute the word with nay.
Winters are becoming more severe than the earlier times;
Because the human beings are only looking for the heartbroken crimes.
(The author is a freelancer. Views are his own) [email protected]

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