November 10, 2020

‘Open- Hand Int’l Art Exhibition’ concludes, 5 Jammu Artists participated

Jammu : An Online International Art Exhibition titled ‘Open Hand Art Exhibition: Dedicating Art to the Masters’ organized by ArtFort India, Chandigarh in collaboration with Verman Cultural Celebrations, Jammu conclused on 7th November, 2020. The exhibition was organized in connection with the 133rd birth anniversary of Le Corbusier (6th October, 1887– 27th August, 1965), the master planner of Chandigarh, the modern city of the country & a painter, and Architect R S Lall (5th November, 1929– 4th August, 2014), modern architectural planner & one who got an opportunity to work with and assist Le Corbusier in the preparation of architectural working drawings of the Museum of Knowledge and other projects. The exhibition which was opened on 6th October, 2020, was supported by Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi, Smd Foundation, Guwahati, International Island Country Artists, Turkey and World Architecture Community, Chandigarh.
Artists Dr. Milan Sharma, Jasleen Singh, Mehak Sharma, Shivali Jamwal and Jang S. Verman from the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, India were among the 118 participants from different countries like Sweden, Poland), S Korea, Egypt, Turkey), Vietnam, Malaysia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Russia and India. Other prominent artists who participated in the exhibition included Jai Zharotia, Prof. Prem Singh, Kashmiri Khosa, Dr. S S Bhatti, Shyam Sharma, Prabhinder Lall, Satwant Singh, Sankari Mitra, Rajinder Pasricha, Aradhna Tandon, Ar. Dalbir Singh, Ar. Sarbjeet Bahga, Shrikant Kadam, Madan Lal, Mintu Deka Smd, Minakshi Bargohan, Lalhming Marvii, Surinder Dhami, Nijeema Neelambaram, Ravinder Sharma, B S Baloria, Vishal Bhatnagar, Mahesh Prajapati, Ved Prakash Bhardwaj, Hanumanthrao, Anjali Aggarwal, Santosh Chikkanni, Neeti Joshi, Rajshekhar Shanamma, Nirmala Singh, Dr. Vandana Malhotra, Gunita Chadha, Parmod Arya, Ajazuddin Patel, Mehmood Ahmed and others from India. The month- long online exhibition has been the brainchild of Prabhinder Lall and Jang S. Verman keeping in view the contribution of the masters, particularly the connection of Prabhinder Lall with architecture as a family background. His father Senior Architect (Late) R S Lall (5th November, 1929– 4th August, 2014) was an important member of the Indian team of architects who were apprenticed to the Master Architect Le Corbusier, under whose stewardship Chandigarh Capital Project was taking shape. R S Lall was an ardent admirer of art and avid supporter of artists. ‘Open Hand’ Art Exhibition: Dedicating Art to the Masters’ to celebrate the 133rd birth anniversary of Le Corbusier (6th October, 1887– 27th August, 1965) is considered to be a remarkable initiative of its kind in the country, and is also important because Le Corbusier has been recognised as a world- class painter during the initial stages of his career.


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