October 24, 2020

Hakeem seeks immediate cancellation of notification about premature retirement of employees,terms the move politically motivated, traumatic

Srinagar/Oct,24:- Chairman People’s Democratic Front and former minister Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen on Saturday said that jammu and kashmir Government’s decision on premature retirement of government employees is a politically motivated cruel move to usurp basic rights of employees and forcefully demanded cancellation of the notification forth with. He ridiculed government for issuing the controversial notification to retire it’s employees after completing 22 years of service Or attaining 48 years of age. He said the move was draconian and against the interests of general employees.
In a statement issued here on Saturday Hakeem ridiculed Jammu and Kashmir government for amending Civil services regulation rules to allow the administration to retire government employees at any time after completing 22 years of service or attaining the age of 48 years, He said the move has come as a big shock to the government employees as it could be used to suppress them for ulterior political motives and trampling thier right to free expression. He said,in view of the prevailing socio- political scenario in jammu and kashmir, the move seems to be absolutely politically motivated.Hakeem Yaseen said that the people of jammu and kashmir including it’s government employees were already reeling under mental trauma due to prevailing socio- political uncertainity leashed on them post August 5, 2019 adding that the new notification about premature retirement of government employees have come as bolt from blue for government and their families.He said the notification has become another cause of metal agony and depression among employees . He said,one fails to understand, why the government was hell bent upon this move to victimize people of jammu and kashmir, instead of providing healing touch to them to get some despite from miseries and hardships confronting them.
PDF Chairman has urged the government to role back the notification immediately as it has become a cause of great shock and concern for the employees and their families and has traumatised the people of jammu and kashmir in general.
Hakeem enjoined upon the LG administration and Central leadership to desist from provoking the peace loving people of jammu and kashmir repeatedly on one pretext or the other as to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. He said it would be in the overall interests of the country to respect urges and aspirations of the people and protect thier right to live a dignified and peaceful life.

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