September 27, 2020

Feroze Peerzada to retain his position as President in JKPM

Javed Mustafa Mir has no authority to expel founding members from the party

Srinagar: An extra ordinary meeting of the State Council of J&K Peoples Movement (JKPM) was held on Saturday to discuss the party affairs and organizational issues. The meeting chaired by Feroze Peerzada, president of the party was attended by other state council members including Syed Iqbal Tahir, Iqbal Rather, Raja Mehmood, Prof Jameel Khan, Nazim Qazi, Dilbagh Singh, Amin Sofi, Imdad Gazi, Jamil Ahmed, Shouket Malik, Rydham Singh, Javed Wani Nillora, Khurshid Bismil, Iqbal Hussain Bhat, Murcyleen Peerzada, and Ayaz Hussain.
In a statement issued here on Saturday the party spokesperson said that the state council in its deliberations noted that on 10 August 2020, Javed Mustafa resigned from the membership of the party as well as from the post of chairman, which was duly accepted by the party’s state council.
Reminding that “on 23 August 2020, Feroze Peerzada was duly appointed as President of the party with the support of 22 out of 25 members, the statement said “as per Article 4(B) of the party constitution, Feroze Peerzada was to hold the party president post for a period of 4 years and as such no election for the post of president was required till 10 August 2024”.
The spokesperson said that the JKPM State Council noted with shock the “ illegal” claim of Javed Mustafa Mir that he has become the President of the party.
“The state council recorded that Javed Mustafa Mir has ceased to be a member of the party wef 10 August 2020 and hence cannot become party president or hold any post in the party. The state council also noted that Javed Mustafa has illegally claimed to expel the founding members of the party when he has no right to do so”, the spokesperson said.
The spokesperson said that the JKPM State Council strongly condemned these actions of Javed Mustafa and it was recorded that the above mentioned actions of Javed Mustafa have badly damaged the image of the party. The State Council also recorded that Javed Mustafa resigned from the membership of the party at a time when the founder of the party (Dr Shah Faesal) had resigned, thereby letting down the members of the party. The State Council also took note of his negligible contribution to the party. “The State Council strongly warned him from falsely claiming to be president of the party/ member of JKPM. The state council authorised the president of the party to initiate legal action against Javed Mustafa in case he continues to misrepresent himself to be a member of the party/president of the party”, the spokesperson said.

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