September 25, 2020

Submission to Allah

The life of man on this planet is like a tip of an ice berg. The Vast universe was created about twelve billion years ago and our planet is like a tiny island in a large ocean. Man descended on earth about a million years ago. So we are like an ant in a giant ocean where we arrived just yesterday. Where we were before and where we shall be after this life, is great question to be explored. Allah created universe and Allah created man. We come from Him and we shall go back to him. Our life on this planet is a fraction of our never ending life. We are given a little respite to prove our worth. We pass through a lobby of vices and virtues. It is upon us, with our free will, to select the right path and follow it. Almighty Allah sent prophets and scriptures for the guidance of man. But many people rejected the prophets and corrupted the scriptures. Finally Allah sent His last Word with the Last Prophet and ensured its preservation against any perversion. Holy Quran is the word of Allah and His last Prophet is Mohammad (SAW) . Allah’s religion is Islam and none else, but there is no compulsion for it. The man is free to study it and embrace it with free will. The new generation of the western world today owns, everything except happiness. Their society is devoid of real satisfaction. Discontented with this suffocating, and suicidal atmosphere, they are turning towards nude clubs, wild sanctuaries, drugs and crime. In search of peace of mind they are wandering into various primitive cults of Asia and Africa but real satisfaction is still a mirage to them. These people are educated, qualified and many are sincere seekers of truth. They are not satisfied with the interpretations and manipulations of other religions. They demand the original text of Holy Scriptures unadulterated and unchanged, so that they can explore the Truth themselves. Islam is proud of persevering the only authentic text of Divine Scripture of the world. The Holy Quran emerges as the sole, unaltered divine revelation to the mankind in existence today. To arouse interest in the systematic study of the Holy Quran, we submit as a schematic program based upon the ORIGINAL text of the Holy Quran which is the last testament for humanity.
Today more than 1600 million persons profess Islam around the globe. It is the fastest growing and largest practiced religion of the world.
The Holy Quran picturizes the existence of man and the world and the mission of Prophet (SAW). There exist, logically, a creator of this universe called Allah, one without associated very merciful to mankind. He created food and water to feed man and sent prophets with scriptures to educate him. After primary and secondary instructions, He revealed a full and final code of life through Prophet Mohammad ( SAW), who practiced and preached it for twenty three years, leaving it in original form for the guidance of all generations to come. We EXPECT obedience from our children and subordinates. Why should the Supreme Lord not EXPECT the same from Us? Submission to Allah is the only accepted code of life for mankind on earth. It is by submission to Him that the planets and stars move in perfect harmony and peace otherwise there would be great disorder and disaster within the universe. It is this submission which is called “ISLAM” in Arabic, the religion of peace in this world and peace in the Hereafter. Today more than 1600 million persons profess Islam around the globe. It is the fastest growing and largest practiced religion of the world. [email protected]

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