September 15, 2020

Journalism teaches ethics, dignity not public disgracefulness

We are living in the age of information explosion and with the advent of science and technology the world has been revolutionized in every aspect. It offers many benefits to the mankind and has made life more comfortable and easier besides giving access to a huge number of opportunities. Complexities in human life have been come down due to novel technological innovations across the globe as everything seems so simple and easy for us to do. Decades ago human activities were not so fast and effective and often used to take plenty of time for completion but now public activities have become part of time consuming process. In fact the technology has made it possible to get things done quicker than ever before and provide services to people in short time. Consequently everyone tends to carry bigger tasks in short time spans instead of remaining inactive. The technological revolution in different forms has fascinated humans towards the information world in such a way that they can hardly breathe and sleep without using it for the current updates. In fact, these manifold changes occurring in the world we live in have enlightened human civilizations towards and has influenced humans by bringing up mental ability, cognitive development . All this has become possible because of the lavish use of technological gadgets even in day to day life. In fact these changes have led humans to the next stage of development. Evidently, the digitalized system has entirely exceeded the human capabilities with such a force to face challenges for achieving success in different fields. With this, humans are getting inclined too much to know what is happening all over the world whether it comes to politics, international relations, social issues or the world economic growth. None among us wants to remain immune to such necessary current affairs. These are glaring key aspects in one’s life which the present day society does not ignore but accepts them with open and free mind. We are the part of system and everyone has right to be part of the system by keenly observing it from different quarters. Lives have been revolutionized by the technological changes and growing inclination of humans towards the digital information. Only one reliable source which can frequently inform us with new updates, is “Journalism”. It is gaining ground and as such becoming popular. The popularity and importance of journalism can be very well understood form the fact that Mass Communication has already been introduced as a subject at postgraduate level in almost all the universities across the country and tendency to seek admission for different courses of Journalism is rising year after year. Like any other profession the profession of journalism is a special body of knowledge, which can be imparted through formal education and training. The process of selection in the universities has to be remodeled and redesigned to ensure that every Tom, Dick and Harry cannot enter this challenging profession as journalism requires a special bent of mind. It is governed by a code of conduct to be followed by every person who belongs to this profession. The work of a journalist should be effective and unbiased and it should not have any type of infidelity that could damage the system of public accountability. Incidents and crimes happen across the globe and laws are in place to deal with the offenders. We come to know about these incidents or crimes either from the print media or electronic media. These two platforms provide us new updates through the columns of newspapers, Magazines and Tv channels. Receiving authentic information from reliable sources is always a matter of satisfaction for people of all shades and opinions . The profession of Journalism demands some special attention from the person who enter this field. The basic qualification for joining the sacred profession of journalism is that an entrant to this profession must have keen interest in current events or day to day happenings. He must have ample understanding of political, Social, religious, and economic movements going on in within or outside a country. Simply journalist must be well read and a learned person keeping in view the fact that a journalist has not to merely disseminate information but to awake, alert and activate public. Secondly Journalists must have analytical bent of mind so that they can interpret, explain and comment on happenings going on around them and can build and form public opinion. Last but not the least the journalists must have the courage to report fearlessly.
When journalism goes beyond its given code of conduct and starts humiliating criminals, it amounts to insult to professionalism and ethics. Such an unethical act is in itself a crime and every person in the field of journalism must desist from such unpardonable acts of authoritarianism.
Journalism is a sacred profession : As a profession journalism is challenging as well as respectful, Should not we respect people working in this profession ? Yes this too is a part of society and we all have a good respect for working journalists. Journalism has its own way of doing work including broadcasting, reporting, presenting news and bringing information to us for of all such incidents which influence the day to day life of the people. The profession of journalism is really respectable in the challenging circumstances. We see different types of social crimes and evils in our society from time to time. Such crimes when noticed are being highlighted on social media for making people aware about them. Indeed our journalists are doing a wonderful job in exposing the social crimes. However anti-social elements are growing at an alarming rate which has brought down the dignity of our society. In these situations the responsibility of the quality journalism has increased manifold, but the hundred million dollar worth question arises that who can preserve and protect this profession ? We firmly believe that those having completed academic degrees in Mass Communication through universities are well trained and are obviously considered real and well versed journalists as they have the capacity to present reports and disseminate reliable information reasonably through different media sources to the audience. Doing best in any field should have ethics that embellishes it more. Those who can abide by norms and laws during the work could preserve the values but not disgrace it. Such journalists possess values and ethics in carrying out their professional activities.. Academically journalists know all about their overall responsibilities. Academically trained journalist are ethically sound and disciplined. Whenever they present any incident from different outlets, they take care of professional ethics and discipline which the scared profession of journalism demands. Reporting and presenting news should be streamlined for the perfect public utility. Undoubtedly journalists are respected in our democratic system but they to take care of their own credibility and of the institution they represent. Journalists well versed with their profession deserve respect from people of all shades and opinion . The university pass out of mass communication take care of both subjective and objective part and are as such expected to explicitly do justice with it. Journalism is an act of gathering and presenting news to the public about the ongoing happenings and the journalists are those who present their idea in different ways, including articles, reports, and broadcasts. Journalists have to carry out the job of presenting reports, news of ongoing happenings and incidents either in printed form or through TV channels. Ethics is must in every part of profession and attempts to downgrade have to be disallowed at all costs. Journalists have to abide by the rules and norms which are fundamental to profession of journalist. Every professional field has defined boundaries of work but people crossing red line bring it into disrepute.
Law and Journalism: As we have discussed above the journalism in detail but everyone is subservient to law as law is above all. No one can go against the law as laws are defined to deal with every kind of offence. A person who has been found guilty can be punished under the law and similarly, the prime motive of journalism is to serve the society but within the ambit of prescribed code of conduct.A common person or a professional in any of the field can’t take law in his own hands. His only work is that he can file a case in the police station against the accused or at the best he can bring the case into the notice of the law enforcing agencies for appropriate action. A due process of law has to be followed to prove any accused aguilty. Journalism has its own domain and boundaries for it’s working are defined which must not be crossed come what may and journalists in no way are allowed to take law into their own hands. Law enforcing bodies should not leave criminals unpunished if found convicted in any social crime. Law is for all and everyone should respect the law of the land enacted constitutionally for governing the state. The laws are in place for delivery of justice and dealing with the offences, crimes, murders etc. There is a demarcation line between journalism and punishment to the criminal under law. These two must not get intermingled; the role of journalism is to unearth the crime and criminal but not to punish him. When journalism goes beyond its given code of conduct and starts humiliating criminals, it amounts to insult to professionalism and ethics. Such an unethical act is in itself a crime and every person in the field of journalism must desist from such unpardonable acts of authoritarianism.
(The authors are freelance and write frequently for “ Kashmir Horizon”. Views are their own) and [email protected]

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