September 7, 2020

Revoke SHG policy in engineering sector : Qayoom Wani tells JK Govt

‘Protest of engineers justified,pressure tactics of govt unjustified ‘

Srinagar/Sep,7: Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum ((JK CSF) Ab Qayoom Wani on Monday hit out at the government over it’s decision abolish the reservation of a ratio of construction projects for Self Help Groups (SHGs)in Jammu and Kashmir. He has said that the decision to merge engineering wings of various government departments into only PWD and Jal Shakti Departments will create a mess in the whole system construction works.
In a statement issued here on Monday Wani said that the decision to reserve a ratio of construction projects for unemployed engineering graduates under SHG was a well oriented and farsighted decision based on the objectives of jobs to unemployed engineering graduates and it’s absence would deprive thousands of educated youth engaged in construction activities of their right to earn their livelihood.
Quoting the statistics Wani said that there are around 3500 such self-help groups comprising about 20,000 engineering graduates, operating construction activities across J&K adding that doing away with the scheme would have disastrous consequences. He said it was most astonishing that instead of creating more employment avenues for educated unemployed youth, the government was shrinking existing limited job opportunities available to them under well-conceived SHG scheme.
Wani called upon the government to revoke its decisions of merging engineering departments and doing away will SHG scheme saying that these decisions are anti youth and would bring to a grinding halt the developmental activities in Jammu and Kashmir. He said , if the decision is not revoked immediately, it would inevitably deepen the crisis of unemployment In Jammu and Kashmir . Calling upon the government to revoke these orders immediately Wani said that using force and arresting protesting jobless engineers is unjustified and highly condemnable . Wani said that govt should address the genuine demands of engineers by revoking this anti youth order .” JK CSF entire leadership assures engineers for full support in their justified struggle”, said Wani.

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