September 5, 2020

JKSF greets teachers on teachers Day, Qayoom Wani asks them to be in all respects with a collective voice to strive for rights

Srinagar/Sep,5 : Former Chairman of EJAC, Jammu and Kashmir Teachers Forum presently Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum (JK CSF) Abdul Qayoom Wani has greeted the teaching community on teachers day, observed on Saturday Sep 5.
In a statement issued here on Saturday Wani on behalf of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum extended greetings to the teaching community for its untiring efforts in the field of teaching
learning process and the all-round personality development of students. Wani said that Pandemic of COVID-19 was a testing time for the teaching community and teachers are facing the challenges through online classes despite a very poor networking system prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir. Wani said potential of the teachers earned out of the historical journey of meeting the challenges of different kinds has been acknowledged by people both in the government and in opposition.
Wani said that COVID -19 has not come to an end yet as a result of which more tough challenges lie ahead and as such teachers will have to continue to work with commitment to meet the challenges including the one to monitor the health status of students amid COVID 19, second
education and career of the children.
Wani urged the organizations fighting for upliftment of teachers to keep pace with the changing times and strategize their struggle with courage and valor. Wani the government to give teachers free environment to do justice with their profession of teaching and learning rather than to
put them on haphazard multiple tasks which affects the education of children, traditional or online. Wani said on the occasion of Teachers Day, if a teacher, private or Govt remains without salary, we as a society have no right to celebrate the occasion fervently, ddding, that salaries of privateschool teachers should be given to them as no sane person can oppose
it. Wani extended his hearty greetings to teachers praying that their mission of mentoring will be carried forward in all respects with a collective commitment to strive for rights in association with the society they belong to. He said a teacher has to take care only of students but also of general public and people in the power corridors to make them understand the power of the “mission of Prophecy”

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