August 12, 2020

Shah Faesal’s remarks , public perceptions leads to a new debate in JK: Dr Tasaduk

Srinagar/Aug,12 : Dr Tasaduk Hussain Itoo Wednesday said that Shah Faesal’s resignation from politics has created a ‘tug of war’ between his statements and public perceptions and consequenty a new debate has started in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Tug of war between Shah Faesal’s statements and public perceptions. Pendulum unbalanced. NO matching consensus. Shah Faesal on quitting politics said that his ‘innocuous dissent’ was taken as a ‘treason’. Distrust from both sides.”, Dr Tasaduk wrote on his social media account.

He said that the outrage from public with variable perceptions on Faesal’s resignation cannot be ignored on legal grounds and needs to be acknowledged and was expected but we need to also acknowledge the uncertainties bound with the political landscape of the place since its inception.

He said that running the politics in this region has never been easy being bound with odds and challenges since inception. “Besides ordinary challenges that are usual with the political leadership at any place of the world, this zone has far more different challenges “, he said.

He said that post abrogation of special status with concomitant downgrading of the erstwhile special state to a mere union territory has drastically changed the entire political scenario and further accentuated new and terrible challenges to face for the existing and de-novo political leadership of the place.

“We should not ignore that we are living in that region of the world where our thinking process, emotional intelligence and feelings are highly influenced by the day to day situations”, he said.

He further said that being most politically sensitive, our decision- making ability has a lot of impact by the up and down scenario inherited to the region since its inception. If Shah Faesal quitted politics, I think there should be no surprising reaction to it rather we should acknowledge it also.

“Shah Faesal’s personal ambitions should not be interfered with, though he has to be answerable to many questions from the public on legal grounds”, he added.

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