Hakeem welcomes Supreme Court observation ” time to heal all wounds of troubled kashmir within domain of our country”

‘ Restoration of statehood to JK a single demand of Dogras, kashmiri pandits, Gujjars ‘

Srinagar: Chairman People’s Democratic Front ( PDF ) and former minister Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen Thursday hailed observations of the Supreme Court that time has come to heal the wounds of the troubled kashmir . He said Apex Court has also expressed optimism about a good future for kashmir ahead .
In a statement issued on Thursday Hakeem hailed observations of the Apex Court about the prevailing situation in kashmir, in which it has been urged to heal up wounds in the troubled area.
” Supreme Court on Wednesday , while disposing of the petition about release of prominent advocate of kashmir Bar, Mian Abdul Qyoom, has remarked that ” kashmir has been a troubled area . Nature has been very kind to the place.It is human race which has been unkind . It is time for all wounds to be healed and look to the future within the domian of country”. The Apex Court has also expressed optimism about good days ahead for kashmir adding that ” Hope is something which creates the future and we are hopeful “. Hakeem said that the observations of the Apex Court about the situation in troubled kashmir were a good omn for return of peace adding that onus lies on Central leadership to rise to the occasion to provide healing touch to the wounds of people whose total life has got ruined due to ongoing naked dance of death and destruction for about last 40 years particularly since 1990 . He said people of the turmoil ravaged jammu and kashmir are desperately yearning for peace and normalcy adding that the Center should come forward in a big way to address all genuine grievances of the people including their socio- political aspirations. He said usurping the constitutional rights of the people of jammu and kashmir unilaterally , post August 5, last year , has overshaken the trust and confidence of the people which needs to be restored at the earliest to give a chance to peace . ” Now that Apex Court too has felt the need to heal all wounds of troubled kashmir valley, what prevents Center from rolling out fresh confidence building measures ( CBMs ) and the process of reconciliation to bring the life cycle back on rails , ” Hakeem observed
He said trust and confidence of the people has been deeply shaken due to broken promises and repeated betrayals by the successive governments at Center adding that restoration of the people’s trust was primarily required to bring peace and normalcy in jammu and kashmir.
Hakeem urged the Central leadership to fulfill its promises regarding restoration of statehood to jammu and kashmir, which has now emerged as a common demand of almost all mainstream and regional political parties and all communities like, kashmiri pandits, Dogra’s, Gujjars, Paharis etc. He has urged the center to respect sentiments of the people of jammu and kashmir with respect to protection to land and government jobs and safeguarding thier peculiar identity .

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