Meet a Sticky End-PUBG

Khursheed Ahmad Wani

The whole enchilada in this universe has two sides- Bright or Dark. Bane comes with boon and vice versa. It depends upon the taker which side he wishes to take. Uncertainty comes with uncertain things; one among them is PUBG – The complexity behind the act of suicide. It is a video game which is a multiplayer battle royale game. It is the abbreviated form of Player Unknown’s Battleground. It has become viral and reached to every network accessed areas. It is widely played and is being played by billions of people. Though the entertainment factor is good but it doesn’t mean it is all good. It is hampering their quality of life. It is so because the game perpetuates violence, aggression, cyber bullying and many more. It creates a constraint between personal relationships. Some months back, suddenly a comment on FB post attracted my attention as in that comment I found Goa’s information technology minister dubbed as “a demon in every house.” Nowadays, the ghost of this mobile game is catching up the attention of youth. They have forgotten themselves. This has had profound effect on their minds. It slows down their brain activity. Day by day their ability to grasp things and focus just lowers. The academic performances of such mobile gamers are dropping massively. Their way of living has changed. Sometimes they even forget to eat. Playing for long hours can increase chances of obesity, weaken eyesight, cause headaches etc. They are wasting their precious time because they are unaware of it that they are going through a teenage period. It is a period of physical change and mental transformation. It deals with emotions, mental and social factors. It is a phase where a child evolves to be a matured adult. It has long term effects in one’s life. If they are not shown correct path in time, they may make a mess of their life. Therefore, correct and friendly guidance should be given by the parents to their children.
“Addiction doesn’t kill the addict. It kills the family, kids and people who tried to help!”
Playing it makes the heart beat faster, which causes any person to suffer from heart disease. If I’m not wrong, such persons may suffer from Arrhythmias in near future. Not only youngsters but it is widely played by different age groups who are mobile addicts. It has become such an addiction that people stay up all night long playing it because of which they forgot their family and relationships. It reduces endurance, a living example of which is a 13-year old Kashmiri boy named Asrar Ahmad who committed suicide recently over PUBG tiff with his younger brother. It is leading children into a world of crime and negative thinking from which it is very difficult to return. One of the finest psychologist Divya Palaniappan says, “Once an activity enters an addictive zone, it definitely affects the psychological well-being of the child and immediate intervention is required to prevent adverse effects.” In this modern life when everything is materialistic, parents have no time for their children. Due to lack of proper guidance and care, they turn their future in dark and spoil their health. They resort to the wrong methods to make money, which is completely forbidden in the Islamic view. I heard some whispering sounds from youngsters that it is a source of earning for unemployed youth. Its very unfortunate for we people that our youngster are unable to understand the difference between Halal and Haram. Actually they have lack of moral education. There are very high expectations from the parents and the teachers that they should intervene in this concern very soon. I want to say that it is a joint responsibility of the whole society to root out this mobile addiction. Also, the Government of India should come forward to impose a complete ban on it.
(The author is a teacher. Views are his own)

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