Don’t conduct ‘Community classes’ amid pandemic, on-line lessons only way forward,life comes first, then livelihood & education’: Hakeem

Srinagar: Chairman,Peoples Democratic Front,( PDF) and former minister Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen on Monday cautioned against the idea of conducting Community classes amid dreaded coronavirus pandemic. He urged the government to further fine tune and broad base the ongoing on- line lessons to teach students of various classes especially upto 10th standard.
In a statement issued on Monday, Hakeem cautioned the government especially education department against I’ll effects of holding community classes amid dreaded coronavirus pandemic. He said it was not possible to control a mob of little kids from getting intermingled during community assemblies whether inside a school or outside. ” Usually children upto 10th standard are not matured enough to follow prohibitory advisories strictly so holding of Community classes amid pandemic could be a dangerous proportion,” Hakeem said adding that holding of Community classes is a theoretical proportions which can not withstand the ground reality. He said that on – line classes for students was the only safe route to impart education to the children amid pandemic instead of playing with their lives by dragging them out of their homes for so called community classes. He said first concern should be to save lives of the children from the fatal virus , then comes thier education. He said the decision to conduct ‘ Community classes” during pandemic was totally I’ll conceived .
Hakeem also hailed decision of the government to reimpose lock down in some districts of the Kashmir valley. He said after alarming spike in the COVID cases coupled with rise in the death rate, re- imposition of the lock down was imperative to contain the infection. ” In fact, keeping In view the alarming spike in Coronavirus positive cases and deaths, lockdown should be re- imposed strictly in the whole Kashmir valley to check the spread of dreaded infection, ” Hakeem Yaseen maintained. He said steep spike in Covid- 19 infections and deaths in Kashmir was a cause of great anxiety and concern adding that good sense has prevailed upon the administration to re- impose lock down in Kashmir. He said violators of the health advisories and lock down guidelines should be punished severely.
He also urged for close synergy between the administration and the health experts to fight out the dreaded virus effectively. Hakeem also appealed to the general public to take the pandemic seriously and not to venture out of the homes un necessarily adding that “life comes first then livelihood”.

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