Moral Education: The Main Aim Of Education

Syed Mustafa Ahmad

I think the main and the last aim of education is moral education. Moral education is that type of education that is concerned with morality. Morality means those principles that are concerned with the development of an enlightened personality. The principles include sympathy, tolerance, optimism, perseverance, respect for others, humanity, unprejudiced mind, enlightened soul, etc. In contrast to this is immorality. Immorality means to follow those ways or principles that are contrary to the existence of a human being. Impatience, communal mind, prejudiced mind, disrespect, etc., fall in the domain of immorality. When this is the case, the first priority for us should be to have morally uplifted personalities that can give the best to the society. If we look at the contemporary world, I think this aim has taken the backseat. Morality doesn’t fall in the modern curricula. It has its own causes. But if there is consensus that the last aim of education is to produce the morally uplifted children then why our society is very lenient in this regard. In this piece of writing, I will try my best to discuss the causes that throws the moral aim of education into oblivion. I will restrict myself to some main reasons that have made this possible. The first and the foremost cause responsible for this is that materialism has gained momentum in our lives. A child’s mind is like a plastic. He or she imitates what happens in the society. By hook or by crook, we need the material things. In this endeavor, we forget about the principles that are necessary for living. Honestly, a person on this Earth can live a simple but contented life. The damage is done when a person, after fulfilling his or her basic needs, still wants more and more. In the 11th Class, I was taught my English teacher that we unnecessarily decorate our walls with different stuffs so that the visitors are in awe. This kind of mindset will never bother about honesty, patience, sympathy, love, respect, etc. His or her mind is only concerned about money. If this is the case, how can a child learn to be a moral person. When a child is taught that dishonesty is a curse in the schools, he or she feels amazed when his or her own relatives, friends and the society are indulged in dishonesty. This should be left at the earliest.
When a teacher is corrupted and makes it possible that a failure student is passed and the vice versa, there is no room for morality here. How can a builder of a nation act like this?
The second cause responsible for this is that we want shortcuts or instant gratification. A person feels burdened if he or she doesn’t get the cherished things instantly. He or she doesn’t want to work hard by following the ethical principles and waits for the hard work to pay. Instead, a person opts for the short cut ways which gives him or her so-called pleasure. In this endeavor, all the principles of morality are trampled upon. This also leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of the children. They can’t believe that from rags to riches, it takes an overnight. When this is the case, why to work diligently and follow the ethical principles. Let us follow these ways and enjoy as much as we can. The third cause responsible for this is that we don’t have a definite aim of life. Sometimes, we amass the piles of wealth and feel secure while sometimes, we are bankrupt and find ourselves in boots. In this process, we move like a pendulum. We reach nowhere. It has a direct bearing upon the children. When the parents are living like animals, how children can live the lives of purity. They will always think that life is a game that is to be played. What is the need of following the rules and regulations? Let us enjoy cheatings and win the day forever. The fourth and the last cause responsible for this according to my opinion is that our educational system is full of limitations that pave the way for the moral degeneration. When a teacher is corrupted and makes it possible that a failure student is passed and the vice versa, there is no room for morality here. How can a builder of a nation act like this? If he or she is going to make the destinies of children, how he or she can stoop so low and degrade the foundation of the large edifice of the society. In this run up, a child can learn nothing and this society gradually and steadily treads the path of degradation. The above facts make it possible to get some understanding of this malaise. It is a big issue and needs many pieces of writing to get completed. The need of the hour is to set up this society on that very path, which has been suggested and recommended by the intellectuals of the world. It is never too late to mend themselves. I think the time is appropriate.
(The author is a freelancer and writes regularly for “Kashmir Horizon”. Views are his own) [email protected]

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