Creating an atmosphere of learning English language is must

Jawaid Iqbal

It is not obligatory to have the knowledge of English to acquire a doctor’s or an engineer’s post in many countries like china, Germany, France and Japan. But due to abrupt economic growth in this era, it has become necessary to know the English language. There are no boundaries for learning English and can be learned quite easily. In India, particularly in our villages, children find it irksome to learn this language. However, it is upto teachers to make their students learn by their hard efforts and by their immediate remedial teaching create a good atmosphere of learning English language so that the receivers can not only learn but they can gossip with each other through this medium. Teachers have to lay main emphasis on their vocabulary so that they can develop an interest in the language, keep their inferiority complexes a mile away which can improve the self confidence of students as well. Students will try to learn on their own day by day and it will also provide a chance of self study. As all of we are well aware English language does not got importance in far flung areas and being neglected in many schools has affected its role and importance very badly. The common myth which came from early times that it’s a difficult language created shyness among students and thus they went far behind it. Even many teachers who have grasped studies in Hindi medium schools are not able to speak English very well but as we know there is a solution for every problem in modern era, both teachers and students can become well versed in English by adopting new methodologies and techniques. Teachers should give as many as opportunities to students to use English in their daily classes. Word guess, asking them to answer in English, telling them to name their mates in English and asking for permission also in English.
Our parents should look for books, copies, notebooks, the other vital accessories of their kids so that the class teacher can easily deliver his /her class without any disruption.
After a couple of week’s time, teachers will find an increase in the student’s vocabulary and self confidence. There is a big role of parents also in developing the skill of speaking English. Parents should create an English speaking environment at their homes, following this, the students can learn day by day, how to talk, say, pronounce words in English. Although teachers in the present era are doing their best in higher classes but the main attention should be on our primary classes as we are well aware about the students of other states like Kerala, Delhi, Mumbai, where we see small kids speaking English language very fluently because of the hard work of their primary teachers in collaboration with their parents who gave precious time to their kids from time to time. On the other hand, if we see the parents of our govt. Schools, the condition is opposite to it, where parents are always after scholarships, mdm, grant in aid, and other beneficiaries, although those are the rights of students but for that purpose, a department is working who are working days and nights altogether for the betterment of kids. Instead our parents should look for books, copies, notebooks, the other vital accessories of their kids so that the class teacher can easily deliver his /her class without any disruption.
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