Virtual Education, LMS: Need to impart education in the midst of COVID-19

Mudasir Ali

Since the outbreak of this deadly virus, the world countries have shut off institutions for containing of COVID-19. It was almost in each country that government decided to impose lockdowns on public sectors, Businessfirms, and Educational institutionsas well to attenuate number of positive cases.People remained cooperative with the government rules till COVID-19 would come down to its normal phase. They still firmly abide by such lockdowns in a strict manner with safety measures. However, such regular lockdowns on either side largely affectedlaborclass in earning livelihood. Even we had little access to basic amenities. It was the worst period of our life that all have been strictlyconfined tohomes for three months. We have been psychologically depressed and feeling uncomfortable on account of continuous lockdowns. This was a tussle between life and COVID-19. So in that sense people restricted to move outside provided they had any urgency. They care of themselves much from getting any infection. Few sections in our society especially those who are economically weaker have faced many problems as they had neither food to eat for themselves nor their own family. Many amongst us fell into trauma as they could not cope with the situation. There has beenuniformly surge of positive cases. Each economic asset in our state was on active mode before COVID-19 but has badly come to halt. A drastic setback in the economy due to closure of Private as well as Government sectors and which have greatly impinged up on our economy. It has scaled down National GDP that we have hardly thought, it has collapsed every boosting asset of economy to the ground. This was unexpected for us that it would have long term consequences. Each class of society somehow has faced this situation in equal magnitude but those who are in poor condition obviously might have faced more. We already know that educational institutes have been closed since then COVID-19 spreadto almost all countries. These were working tirelessly all day in order to give its better and efficient role to fulfill academic demands and needs of the students. From the last five years we have been witnessing huge educational loss of Kashmiri students. In case of this it waschallengingtask for educational policy makers to find out a permanent solution for the problem. It is sure that we live in Kashmir facing constant uprisings and lockdowns. There is a dire need of new policies for the emerging problems of education with respect to restrictions. Having such disturbances in Kashmir we have to determinedly live with them. Educational sector is one of the prominent sectors among all. It can never be ignored nor having a compromise to diminish its function, role and credibility.
The Chief Education Office Ganderbal has left no stone unturned in the midst of COVID-19. It works steadfastly since introducing class system and Learning Management System in order to facilitate the process for teaching.
Virtual Education has achieved a global recognition in which teachers teach students through online mode. It is defined as education that uses one or more technologies to deliver lectures to students from long distances. It brings students closer to get education from his/her teachers. Virtual education exists all around the world and students feel very comfortable to attend online classes. Modern era is the era of technology which has great importance our education. Presently Teachers, Masters and lecturers work either in Government or in private institutions upload educational videos by taking help of many software applications like as; Zoom Cloud App, Google Classes, YouTube and sharing daily study materialswith students on WhatsApp for better use. This could be very productive and beneficial for both students and teachers. Teachers at elementary school level have rigorously shown full dedication in teaching students by using Learning Management system(LMS).Our educational sector in Kashmir has successfully carved out a niche in virtual education. Besides, it has set up well-organized platforms for the students to derive large benefits. The LMS is the recent launched software by Directorate of School Education of Kashmir in which teachers and the students at the same platform in teaching learning clubbed with digital resources. Teacher can upload educational video, E-content, assignments and there is two way interaction of this teaching learning activity between teacher and student.. So far 39 schools have been registered on pilot basis in district Ganderbal and in coming days more and more schools shall be covered this LMS scheme. This LMS scheme is a mini website of a particular school. Chief Education Office of district Ganderbal deals with the Primary, Elementary, secondary & Senior Secondary Schools of education. They have many responsibilities on their shoulders regarding the educational system. They are playing a wonderful role in imparting education to students in the midst of COVID-19. It was an unprecedented step to engage students in continuing of their education. They have operated Learning Management system (LMS) imparting education for students. This learning management software works under the concerned CEO of the district with his full guidelines. However, Chief Education Office Ganderbal with its best brain coordinated Resource Group has facilitated it by increasing its networking area to zonal branches with which many government schools work under their guidelines. The zonal officers of each zone with concerned Resource group have contacted teachers to give usernames and passwords for using this tool. Teachers have fulfilled all requisites for starting teaching. At the outset teachers contacted the students to get them ready for daily activity. Later they have started uploading video lectures, E-contents and daily assignments for the students. Teachers dedicatedly work in connection with LMS. This developed strong coordination between teachers and students in the same manner as they taught them in schools. Students too upload their completed assignments of various subjects by logging in with usernames for showing it their teachers. In addition, they check uploaded contents. To engage students in Learning Management System is a moral and academic responsibility of the teachers.
The Chief Education Office Ganderbal has left no stone unturned in the midst of COVID-19. It works steadfastly since introducing class system and Learning Management System in order to facilitate the process for teaching. The whole team management for online teaching is working under the authorization of concerned CEO who in charge Of DIET Ganderbal so that they would somehow compensate for the academic loss of students. It can develop a strong coordination in learning process between students and teachers. The DRGs /ZRPs/CRPs are working in collaboration with zonal offices to show a high devotion to teach students. The CEO Office of Ganderbal is heading the whole management under his authorized rules and guidance. DIET predominantly works with Principals/ZEOs/Headmasters to reinforce the system for giving education. They have gained a wide area of network coverage through learning management system which enhances its credibility and expedience in the respective zones. It has streamlined the way for doing the process so friendly. In remote areas teachers have unlikely accessed to use mobile phones for teaching due to networking problem. Students who live in those areas might have faced hindrances to avail benefits. I personally have come across with the tweet of commissioner secretary education Dr. Samoon Hassan Asgar tweeted that all local teachers, masters, lecturers should start community schooling in open spaces. Resource Group in coordination with CEO Ganderbal has resorted to contact teachers for conducting community schooling in open lawns and fields butkeeping physical distancing and recommended preventive measures in mindas per Disaster Management Act to contain COVID-19 infection. Community Schooling /Volunteer Schooling is at the door steps of students especially in far flung areas like Chontwaliwar, Gutlibagh, Wangath, Chaturgul, Hayan, Surfraw , Gagangeer, Sonamarg areas of District Gandarbal. Teachers followed necessarily safety measures to teach students in open fields. DIET Ganderbal have done remarkable achievement in the field of teacher Education while imparting training by downloading, using and development of E-content in DIKSHA, e-pathshala, VidyaDaan, Kahoot Apps that will also benefit to Students, Teachers, Educators. Ganderbal DIET has recently conducted three day’s workshop on virtual platform with KEF for promoting efficient use of technology and enrich the E-content for the benefit of students and teachers. The whole team works in compliance with the rules and guidelines of CEO.
(The author is freelancer and writes regularly for the opinion pages of “Kashmir Horizon”. Views are his own) [email protected]

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