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Bhat ZaieemThe Jammu & Kashmir Government is on a plan to recruit thousands of posts in coming time with almost ten thousand posts being referred to JKSSB in first phase. With almost a freeze of two years due to two consecutive lockdowns the students are eager at news posts. And there maybe high curiosity among aspiring candidates that how should they prepare, what books should be read or how much time does this exam needs for preparation. Each exam needs a different strategy absolutely depending upon the pattern of exam. We can take example of our descriptive exams in our academics; there we need a completely different strategy compared to the objective exams which SSB and other recruiting bodies hold. And certainly many fellows ask me how I qualified SSB teacher exam as a graduate. I will be sharing with you the experiences I had. The first thing which is must to start your preparation is that you must believe in yourself first. You must gain the confidence in yourself first that I can do it and there is nobody who has edge over me. Confidence can be gained from your own consciousness which can vary for many people, but for me it is to return to your parents for their extreme care, affection and support for us. For some people it maybe different depending on their personal satisfaction. But you just need to have a desire to do something for yourself and for your family. Now there will be definitely evil minds besieging you who will always play their pessimistic role and may kill your interest. They will be saying that there is corruption, there is nepotism and the authorities must have taken the bribe or will take the candidates of their own relation. For that I am giving you 100% assurance that the exam is 100% fair and not even a single person was selected by this approach. I don’t exclude corruption at all forms, but for SSB exams I am excluding it fully as there is no interview for the posts where you may think the possibility would arise. So you are now well determined and free minded to take your deal with your exam. The next step is to start preparing hard. But does preparation really mean to take few related books and start reading them blindly. You must take the previous exam papers and check the standard, pattern and important areas where questions are asked. Not only this, but more important before this is to vividly scan the syllabus in your mind. You have to clearly go through each line and figure out each topic clearly. You don’t need to go beyond the syllabus and read whatever you see in your books. But you have to interpret the syllabus very sharply.
Stay determined and focused and don’t give attention to your pessimistic friends. Just chose your own way, free from negative thoughts and full of hope and definitely with God’s grace you will be clearing it.
You maybe now looking what books should be brought and you will get a lot of recommendations from your friends. But forme this exam doesn’t need you to go through high profile books ,just pick up your syllabus from each subject and try to cover that from few standard books. You may consider Arihant’smagbooks ,your own academic material or whatever books you have. But just learn to be selective that what is important and what is not and accordingly substitute your focus. And try to remember the facts very lucidly. Students from mathematics background have an edge there. So the Arts and Medical fellows must learn basic aptitude and do justifiable practice on each topic. It is not just reading formulas, just understand the concepts in-depth and solve questions on your own. But this must be started at the earliest when you have ample time as later when examination schedule is out, you have to be balanced for all the subjects. So try tobe consistent with your preparation, study regularly and don’t drop any portion of syllabus asthe standard of exam is low. Stay determined and focused and don’t give attention to your pessimistic friends. Just chose your own way, free from negative thoughts and full of hope and definitely with God’s grace you will be clearing it.
(The author is a teacher at the department of School Education. Views are his own, [email protected])

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