Three Excise & Sales tax Inspectors resign in protest against their postings as Naib Tehsildar, FC (Finance) accepts resignations

Jammu: The Jammu & Kashmir Government has accepted the resignations of three Inspectors of Excises and Sales Taxes (Subordinate) Services splashed by them in protest against their posting in Revenue Department as Naib Tehsildars. Anmol Singh, Manpreet Singh and Tariq Aziz are the three Inspectors who have resigned in protest against their postings outside their parent department. For the first time the government had appointed excise inspector as naib tehsildars after the abrogation of article 370 and downgrading of Jammu & Kashmir state to a union territory on August 5 last year. The text of the order issued by the Financial Commissioner (Finance) from the General Administration Department reads as under:-
1.Whereas, the J&K Services Selection Board recommended the selection of following candidates as lnspectors vide SSB/Sel/Secy/2018/7492-98 dated 2 7.06.2018, and No. SSB/Secy/Se1/290-95 dated 09.01.2019 and Finance Department vide Government Orders as indicated against each in the following matrix appointed these candidates as Inspector in Excise and State Taxes (Subordinate) Services
2. Whereas, the above Inspectors of Excise and State Taxes (Subordinate) Services have tendered their resignations in the office of Commissioner, State Taxes Department on the dates shown against each in the above matrix on the grounds that they have been selected in the Revenue Department as Naib Tehsildar; and Date of I resignation from Service 18.05.2020 – 19.05.2020 3. Whereas, the Commissioner, State Taxes vide letter No. Covid- 191302-/Adm/CST dated 02.06.2020 has forwarded their resignation letters to the Finance Department for acceptance;
3. Now, therefore, in terms of Rule-200 of j&K CSR Vol-I, and on the recommendations of Commissioner, State Taxes, resignations of these officials (Inspectors) are hereby accepted and they are discharged from the J&K Excise & State Taxes (Subordinate) Services w.e.f the dates mentioned against each in the above matrix
All the three inspectors were selected through a proper selection process carried out by J&K Services Selection Board in 2018 when Mehbooba Mufti led PDP-BJP coalition government was running the affairs of erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir state.

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