Optimism In The Times Of Crisis

Syed Mustafa Ahmad

Keeping the future in mind and forgetting the past is the secret of progress in this world. Every individual and a group suffer from untoward experiences here. These events often lead to a point of no return. Those who choose forget the past forever in order to grow in every respect of the world. The sole option for them is to opt the path that will lead to accomplishment and development. They do not have another option which is even remotely possible. They still live in the past and waste both their present and the approaching future. This is not an ideal mindset. Out planning should be to kill two birds with one stone. However, in the present, even a single bird is not killed with two stones, which we call a welfare state. Indian Hindus must forget the partition and Indian Muslims must forget Babri Masjid. Both these carry the scars or burden of the past. For the Hindus, a symbolic title for the burden they carry is’ Partition’ and for the Muslims, ‘Babri Masjid’ is the symbolic title that can be given to their burden. If both these communities wish to build for themselves a bright and developed future, they first need to take out from their minds bad memories of the past and start thinking about future. The progress of both the communities will remain stalled if they fail to do so. This burden of the past, in the long run, will spell doom for the country. Partition, in itself, is not such a direct event that should act as an insurmountable obstacle in the road to mutual progress. Many events from history testify to this fact, the more recent being that of Germany. In 1948, Germany was divided into two countries, the West Germany and the East Germany. But this division could not stop the West Germany from attaining the peaks in progress and prosperity. The German economy was left in tatters in the aftermath of the Second World War and it was further weakened by dividing the country into East Germany and West Germany. The Allied High Commission, in 1949, implemented the command that West Germany could not keep the national police. They were permitted to keep the police department of the elementary Municipality level, etc. The partition and the weakened economy did not prove to be obstacles for the growth of Germany. It became one of the most developed countries of Europe by the dint of it’s own efforts and struggles. How did Germany achieve such glory? Some attribute this stupendous success to it’s journey which it started later than other European countries. It is stated that those who start their journey later, cover their distance faster, because they can avail the latest technology from their predecessors. They will be in a position to know that how to face the difficult times in the history of a nation. They should not repeat the mistake, however slight they look, to act as an obstacle in the smooth functioning of affairs. They should, like the predecessors, look at the bright side of the tunnel and try their best to come out as a welfare state, with an optimistic attitude and ready for the challenges that are going to come in the way. This justification is not correct in the Indian context. India is among the late starters but it has failed to achieve a worthwhile progress. The basic reason behind this is that like others, the people of India don’t forget the past. Their minds are filled with the grievances of the past and those grievances will never leave them and will always act as a source of misery, if they don’t refresh themselves with the hope of giving a good life to the people. The Hindus blame the Muslims for the partition. This judgment, which is totally wrong in every respect, doesn’t enable the Hindus live with the Muslims in a harmonious way. They want to take revenge. It is this fire of revenge that doesn’t allow them to see the broader picture of the development of the country. Our politicians are so taken away by the memories of the past that they come to power on the planks of separatism. For a Hindu candidate, it is his or her job to work for the welfare of the Hindus. It is this binary in the government that allows the development of the country to suffer.
On the other side, the muslims are not in a position to leave Babri Masjid in the favour of the Hindus, however after the judgement on November 9, 2019.
All that matters is our collective will. Forget the binary of religions and live together for the bright future that is waiting for us.
The demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992 and the judgement in 2019 means that twenty seven years were lost for nothing. At the end of the day, the Supreme Court of India gave the judgement in the favour of the Hindus and we were granted five acres land somewhere else in the same UP where the historic Babri Masjid is. We shy away from this fact that many masjids are lying defunct in the whole India. Why don’t we raise a cry over their state? It is this state of mind that acts as a big impediment in the smooth functioning of affairs in any country. Only 2 or 3% people among the Muslims pray times a day. If giving a Masjid for the sake of communal harmony is a crime, it means that there is something wrong in our interpretation of the laws and regulations. How can be a mosque as a source of confrontation? It is a place of inner pleasure. We are misled that it is the house of Allah. No, Allah doesn’t need a house. He wants something else from us. He wants us to show sympathy to the creation of His. How can we go on killing the common people in the name of a Masjid? It is our fault that it became an issue as we lack optimism. We are opportunistic people. We are here for a big cause. We are not here to fight over petty issues. We are supposed to lead the whole world but the irony is that we are wanderers and are wandering in the wild deserts, looking for the miracles to happen. To cut a long story short, we, the people of India, have to work for the development of our country. It is our country. Its love should be our priority. We must never think of harming it. The miscreants on the both sides should be advised, if not then they should be punished anywhere in a square market. Leaders should be accountable. They should work for the betterment of society. Instead of finding the lord in religious buildings and places, we should find Him in our lives. No need to construct the lofty mountains, behind which, the intention is of hurting others. Utilize precious resources for the betterment of the country. Refrain from rumours because the common people, being illiterate, fall prey and the result is disastrous. There is a lot to say but I stop here because the purpose of my writing is now wide-open. Let us pledge that land belongs to one and all and we hope for it’s bright future. All that matters is our collective will. Forget the binary of religions and live together for the bright future that is waiting for us.
(The author is a freelancer. Views are his own Syedmustafaahmad9@gmail.com.)

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