Virtues of final ashra of Ramadan

The Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has been reported in “Muslim” as saying “All past sins are forgiven to those who spend the night in vigil of Destiny with devout faith and hope of reward”. Also, Al Bukhari has recorded Prophet (SAW) saying “Seek Laylatul-Qadar among the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan’’ (Lailatul Qadar the nights of great value and importance, the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th nights of Ramazan –ul-Mubarak) and after next five days,i.e, Wednesday next week the last ten days (third Ashra) of Ramadan will begin. As all muslim know Nijaat means “salvation” and in the third ten days (3rd Ashra, Ashra of Nijaat) the Almighty Allah keeps them under his benevolence and kindness, accepts prayers, keeps them safe from and his wrath in the hereafter. In these days, most of the sins are forgiven, and it is said that if you cannot get forgiveness in these days then there are little chance of forgiveness as these are the best days and nights of the year. The entire month of Ramadan is the wellspring of blessing for every muslim. Individual’s pray and keep fast the entire month for Almighty Allah for their extreme fondness. It’s the month of peace, concordance and humbleness. It instructs the lesson of persistence to every muslim who keeps fast. In spite of the fact that all the Ashras of Ramadan (last ten days of Ramadan) have equivalent imperativeness yet the final Ashra is the farewell ten days of Ramadan. Muslims offer prayers and worship increasingly in these ten days. After the final ashra, here comes the definitive delight of Eid-Ul-Fitr. Every 10 days of Ramadan are termed as an ashra. The primary ten days are termed as the blessing days, the Second ashra are forgiveness and the third/final ashra are for getting free from the fiery hellfire. Muslims perform exceptional ceremonies to benefit from these chances of blessing. They pay zakat, sadqa and support financially to the unfortunate on the final ashra of Ramadan. Another great and generally esteemed custom on the final ashra of Ramadan is Etakaf. In Etakaf, Muslims sit in Masjids for a long time.
They abstain from gatherings, and invest all their time in offering prayers to Almighty Allah and reciting the verses from Holy Quran. Etakaf has countless blessings upon muslims in final ashra of Ramadan. The final ashra of Ramadan marks the end of the holy month of Ramadam and muslims know that they have to wait for a whole year before it comes back again. Thus, those Muslims who are aware of the transitory nature of this worldly life understand the virtues of the last days of Ramadan. All muslims tend to get the maximum out of the parting days. Religious preachers enjoin upon muslims to watch the final ashra with blessed enthusiasm and attention. The point when men are occupied in worship, there is a round of ladies and youngsters who take these ten days of final ashra of Ramadan as the planning period for the Eid day. Yes, Eid is the blessing from Almighty Allah for his submissive men who made him blissful in Ramadan. Ladies, young ladies, men and kids do lots of shopping for the day of Eid ahead. Even the present wave of price hikes can’t prevent them from preparing Eid day fully. While enjoying Eid day and watching the final ashra of Ramadan with all its benefits, we ought not to forget our sisters and brothers who are left under the sky on the kindness of winds. We may additionally impart our bliss and our delights to them on the Day of Eid. If we can make them smile, then only our fast and other worships can be accepted before the Almighty Allah. Wishing you an exceptionally blessed final ashra of Ramadan and Eid day!

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