Virtues of IInd Ashra of Ramadan

Presently we are going through the first Ashra of mercy of holy month of Ramadan and the second Ashra of forgiveness (Magfirah) will commence from Monday next week . As regard the second Ashra of forgiveness ((Magfirah) worth mention is the saying of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ‘It (Ramadhan) is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle, forgiveness and its end, emancipation from the fire (of hell’) — Bihar al-Anwar, Vol.: 93, Pg.: 342. Ashra is an Arabic word which means “ten.” In Islamic terminology, the 1st Ashra refers to the first 10 days of the noble month of Ramadan. The second Ashra refers to the middle 10 days (11-20), and the third Ashra refers to the last set of 10 days (21-30). The middle Ashra of Ramadan is the time for forgiveness (Maghfirah), the time to wash off our sins. Holy month of Ramadan is the month to seek forgiveness and repentance.
Having witnessed the mercy of the Almighty Allah by thanking him for all that he has granted us, by being good to everyone and keeping ourselves at peace, we realize our relationship with our Almighty Allah, and our role and duties towards him. This is the time when the Almighty Allah’s mercy is at its peak, and it is best to utilize this opportunity by imploring Allah to forgive our sins. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is reported to have said: “Do repent in this month to Allah for your sins, and supplicate with raised hands at the time of prayer as these are the best times, during which Allah Al-Mighty looks at his servants with mercy. Allah answers if they supplicate, responds if they call, grants if He is asked, and accepts if they entreat. O People! You have made your conscience the slave of your desires. Make it free by invoking Allah for forgiveness. Your back may break from the heavy load of your sins, so prostrate (sajda) yourself before Allah, for long intervals, and make this load lighter.” We are required to reflect on these elements in these days of repentance even more than any other days and this is the time we seek forgiveness and make amendments for our mistakes, never intending to do them again. Do Tauba repeatedly, constantly, and sincerely for Almighty Allah loves Tauba, and especially during this Ashra the Almighty Allah loves to forgive and loves him who seeks forgiveness. Forgive your brothers in Islam, and accept them as friends, and show no ill-treatment or disrespect to others. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) continued and said: “O’ People! Anyone who during this month cultivates good manners, will walk over the Sirat (bridge to Paradise) on the day when feet will tend to slip. For anyone who during this month eases the workload of his servants, Allah will make easy his accounting, and for anyone who does not hurt others during this month, Allah will safeguard him from his wrath on the day of judgment.” May Allah guide us to the right path (Siraat-e Mustaqeem), and grant us the taufeeq to utilize this merciful and ever so forgiving Ashra of the most holiest of the noble Months. May Allah accept our sujood o qayaam and tauba, for indeed his mercy prevails over his wrath, and indeed we are sinners in dire need of that mercy. Aameen!

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