Month of preparedness for Ramadan is Shaban

The Almighty Allah has created out of nothing all things which we see and which we do not. The heavens, the earth, water, angels, man, wild animals, shaitan the outcast, time and the pen of destiny are among his creations. To fashion a universe, innumerable creations and things have to be assembled. In the world of creation, the Almighty Allah has wished to express his majesty and splendor through differences between light and darkness, the forces of good and those of evil, dry land and open space, the lion and the sheep, man and the angels, the prophets and the disbelievers, fertile soil and the desert, rich and poor, paradise and hell, the Masjid or the Holy House (Ka’bah) and the market places, and so on. It is by divine decree that some have been favored above others. This has been done principally to make us understand the different ranks which will exist in eternity. Almigh Allah has said “See how we favor some above others. And in the Hereafter, there will be higher ranks and privileges.” (Al-Isra: 21). It is in this allotment by the Almighty Allah that man has been designated above all other creations. Almighty Allah has said “We have indeed honored the sons of Adam. We have carried them on land and sea, have assigned for them good things as food, and we have distinctly preferred them above many of Our creatures.” (Al-Isra: 70). Almighty Allah has fashioned man with “His own Hands” (in the figurative sense). Allah told shaitan: “O Iblis! What made you refuse to bow down before what I have created with my Hands?” (Saad: 75) There are, for man, several instructions for various circumstances and at different times. Some places and some months, days and hours are more sacred and carry with them more benefits than others.
Among months that he has created, the month of Ramadhaan is the most outstanding. It is precisely during this month that the inspiration of the light of revelation started in the cave of Hira. And the Prophet Muhammad (SAW used to start preparations for the month of Ramadhan as soon as the moon of Shabaan appeared, that is, two months in advance. Ramadhaan requires preparations for both body and soul. As the fast of Ramadhaan (the third pillar of Islam) also necessitates a preparation. To be in good shape during the fast of Ramadhaan, a few days of fasting in the month of Shabaan allow our body to be ready for the blessed month. This is the reason that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to fast during the days of Shabaan. Hazrat Ayesha (RA), mother of believers, has narrated that the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to observe much fasting during the month of Shabaan (Bukhari).

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