February 20, 2020

Dr Tasaduk Itoo conducts a live awareness session on Novel Corona virus outbreak

Srinagar: Dr Tasaduk Hussain Itoo has conducted a live awareness session on Novel corona virus 2019 outbreak that originated in Wuhang province of China in December last year.

Talking to Kashmir Horizon Dr Tasaduk said, “Novel Coronavirus 2019 is emerging as a serious sort of public health concern since its outbreak in China in December last year and the cases detected and deaths reported have been showing an upsurge on daily basis”.

He said that World Health Organization and other International health organizations have been monitoring the outbreak closely and updating constantly the information on daily basis with regard to it, besides there has been a lot of research going on to fully uncover the literature of Novel Corona virus 2019.

He said that though the outbreak has mainly affected the China, there has been many cases found positive for the n -Cov 19 in other almost 28 countries of the world – maximum having any travel history to China and a few having no evidence of any travel history to China.

He said that people need to get enough sensitive towards the outbreak so that to ensure necessary preventive measures to be safe and people should go for frequent hand washing with soap, maintain personal hygiene, cook animal products properly and should ensure as maximum protection as possible.

“Healthcare professionals should take necessary precautionary measures while dealing with the sick patients who present with signs and symptoms mimicking the Novel Coronavirus 2019”, he added.

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