January 14, 2020

Kashmir admin suffering from perpetual inertia: Ex MLAs

SRINAGAR: Former legislators Yawar Dilawar Mir and Noor Mohammad Sheikh on Tuesday said the Lieutenant Governor led administration seems to be suffering from a perpetual inertia because a routine snowfall has thrown normal life out of gear across Kashmir.
In a statement issued to Kashmir Horizon here on Tuesday, the two legislators observed that the administration has been caught seemingly unaware despite week long predictions made by the Meteorological Department. This rusty work culture, they said has led to massive power breakdown and road blockades across the Kashmir Valley.
“It is unfortunate that the administration has not learnt lessons and was caught ill-prepared to cope up with the expected snowfall across Kashmir Valley despite clear predictions made by the Meteorological Department,” they said.
The former legislators said the tall claims made by the authorities about their preparedness have been deflated by the massive power shutdown, flights suspended, road blockades, damages to water supply lines, scarcity of ration, water-logging and other difficulties faced by the people in Kashmir.
They observed that although a heavy snowfall is not something new to Kashmir valley given its climatic conditions and topography, the administration seems to be caught in perpetual inertia.
Referring to the problems caused to the people by the latest snowfall resulting in massive power breakdown which has plunged the entire valley into total darkness, the two legislators asked the administration to expedite the restoration of power supply in the valley, especially in Srinagar City where the people have been reeling under biting cold in absence of alternative heating arrangements.
“Most areas in north, south and central Kashmir are yet to see restoration of electricity and the main roads and interconnecting links are yet to be cleared for vehicular traffic,” they remarked.
“Snow is yet to be cleared on many roads and road network in rural areas across the valley is yet to see traffic movement resulting into tremendous hardship for the general public. Similarly, the Srinagar city is inundated under water and there seems to be no response from the Municipal Corporation to clear the roads for pedestrians,” he said.
They also urged the administration to constitute committees to assess the losses caused to property and orchards in various parts of the valley and compensate the affected families accordingly.
“The Disaster Management Committees at Divisional and district levels need to be operationalised to set the public delivery system back on rails,” they said and urged the LG led government, to ensure that there is no scarcity of essential commodities including LPG, kerosene oil and sugar especially in rural areas of Kashmir.
Emergency services should be monitored and damaged power distribution lines should immediately be repaired to ensure smooth electricity supply in the valley, they demanded.

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