Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Changes likely after article 370 scraping may curtail state’s law & order powers, SC jurisdiction, application of central laws, flag

Srinagar/ Aug,5 : Much will change in Jammu and Kashmir with the revocation of Article 370. The changes likely to take shape now are enumerated below
Separate constitution : Earlier, Jammu and Kashmir was the only state in the country with its separate constitution as per the provisions mentioned in Article 370, a ‘temporary provision’that grants special autonomous status to Jammu & Kashmir .Now, the government’s decision to revoke Article 370 will revoke the special provision which grants power to J&K to have its own constitution. With the revocation of Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir will adhere to the Constitution of India, much like the rest of the country.
Law and order : Earlier, law and order was under the control of the state government.Now, following the bifurcation of the state into two Union Territories — J&K and Ladakh, the law and order machinery will have to be restructured.The government can structure the power-sharing model on the lines of either Delhi or Puducherry,both union territories. In Delhi , law and order is under the control of the Union government, while in Puducherry, law and order is a state subject.
Immunity from Supreme Court orders : Article 370 provided the state special immunity from the orders of the Supreme Court of India.Now, with the scrapping of the Article,the orders of the apex court will directly apply to the state.
Central laws : Earlier, the central government had to seek approval of the state legislature to draft and enact laws.Now, central laws will automatically apply to the state.
Separate flag : Earlier, Article 370 granted special permission to J&K to have its own flag along with the national flag.Now, it will depend upon Parliament to decide if the state can continue having its own flag.


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