Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Tripple Talakh Bill a brazen infringement in religious affairs of Muslims: Hakeem

Srinagar: Terming Triple Talakh Bill as direct infringement into religious affairs of Muslims, Former Revenue Minister and Chairman PDF Hakeem Yaseen has said passage of the Bill was most unfortunate.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, Hakeem Yaseen said ” I
strongly oppose the Tipple Talk Bill passed by the Rajya Sabha Tuesday amid stiff opposition from the members. He said the Tripple Talakh Bill is a brazen interference in religious affairs of Muslims.
Hakeem Yaseen said that the Triple Talaq bill was against the Muslim Sharia law and against the welfare of both Muslim men and women equally.
PDF Chairman said that Triple Talaq Bill is a direct interference in the religious freedom of Muslims.” “In fact it is a brazen infringement of Shariat law,” Hakeem Yaseen maintained adding that the Bill will be challenged in the court of law. He warned the centre that Muslims in India and they should be to conduct their family and social affairs strictly as per provisions of Shariat without causing harassment to them on different pretexts. He said Muslim marriages are solemnized as per the Sharia and there should not be any interference in their religious affairs. He said it doesn’t behoove good for a big democracy of the world like India to infringe in the religious affairs of fellow countrymen as it would badly tarnish its image in the world community.


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