Save Future -Earth Later

Miyan Owais

“Whether You sniff it, smoke it, eat it or drink it, The result is same.We have been experiencing a distressing increase of drug abuse among the youngsters in recent years. But the question arises that why the society is experiencing such a dilemma where more of the teenagers and youths are involved in unethical and unproductive activities like substance or drug abuse. The youths are topping the charts for the wrong reasons this time around. Everywhere many youths are hauled up by the police involved in the case of drug consumption and later released without being counseled. The alarming rate of drug abuse has always been a problem and especially the increase of drug abuse among youngsters has had detrimental effects on the society.
Remember Child is the future of nation and we cannot let our nation in hands of those who are addicted and those who skip the reality. Let’s save the future generation first and later the Earth.If the scenario continues at such rate then might be there will be no one to live on this Earth. Drugs directly or indirectly affect the mentality of an individual. An individual who is not mentally sound cannot prove good to the society .Such people will never work for human development and enrichment of the society and in a long run this Earth would become Hell to live in where no one would like to live on!

( The author is a freelancer. Views are his own, [email protected])

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