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Amir Ayub

Amir Ayub

If U.S can bring Taliban on table and talk to them directly, why can’t we
give a chance for better sense to prevail ? As the 21st century is about to farewell its second decade, there seems to be a sense of confusion and chaos throughout the globe. From the bleeding tulips of Kashmir to burning strips of Gaza, from the “Emergency wall of Mexico” to the “burning oil fields of Venezuela, chaos and cunningness prevails from dawn to dusk. Bargaining Brexit and annoying Anti-semitsm may act as add- ons. However, interestingly, the super powers of the world are joining tables for talks to the yester years ‘militia. Back home, the emerging economies are battling for the isolation of rogues and de –hyphenation of relations, there seems to be a state of suffocation and sorry hood from within. While Europe and and America could sustain two world wars and Vietnam playoffs and notably $877 BN trophy of war on terror ,it would be a Koutalyan call to do nothing but just protect our own stakes. Although the above highlighted historical developments are in themselves topics for research and writing about them upto any possible length and depth would only be the tip of the iceberg .Here I would like to focus on a particular issue and that is title of this piece. The genesis of kashmir issue is debated around the world . Some falcons of Iqbal see it culminating into a dangerous war which is yet to be won ,while some voices from the hills are reverberating the slogans of Aazadi into the ears of every faithful Kashmiri .Its developments both positive and negative ,its ups and downs, the sinuous waves of peace and radicalization both in terms of men and money is the result of significant paradigm shifts in the leadership and policies of India and Pakistan post independence to a large extent .Although the announcement of J.L.Nehru at Lalchowk in 1954 has perhaps been erased from the slates of black and white print media ,however the much contested right wingers are battling their performances on ground in “Tharoor’s emerging India” and “Modi’s Digital India” ,with the flag of “Vikas and Sab ka Sath” hanging upside down at the sunrise and sunset of each “Acha din”. Coming back to the maxims and minimas of sinuous wave ,it is pertinent to begin with the robust “ IndusWater Treaty” fostered by the World Bank in 1960 .The robustness of this treaty is shiningly reflected by its survival even after three wars between the two countries .Although the treaty is battling its survival amidst the dust and debris of IEDs and Migs ,it is highly likely to prove its sophistication yet again ,which should motivate the two Nuclearites to go for more such treaties .
Secondly the Shimla agreement although may not be percieved significant by many , given its outputs however it is an evidence of the fact that the two countries are worth embracing each other at any point of time down the line to respect their aspirations and ensure peace in the region at large. Thirdly and most significantly is the “Four Point Formula” of General Mushraf –“The Democratic Dictator” of Pakistan on table with Atal Bihari Vajpayee -the god father of “Right Wing Bharat”. It is the result of this significant development that trade along LOC was started .People from both hamlets of Kashmir are free to travel from Srinagar to Muzafarabad ,and explore the beauties of Himalayas and Pir Panjal,soothing their stressed souls for a while . It is the beauty of this concensus that while the borders were being put on high alert and airports being made ready for take off of “Mirages and Migs” instead of “Boeings and Air Buses” ,the Uri trade route was still in service .There have been reports that around 2003 -2004 ,the militancy in Kashmir was at the lowest .The Samjhota Express is another testimony to that. Interestingly, during the same period, people from Kashmir began to explore business and career opportunities in rest of India. Remarkable flow of traders and students across Indian business hubs, colleges and universities were reported and is continuing till now and growing. PMSSS, UDAN, HIMAYAT etc have exponentially added to the outflow of college students from Kashmir to the rest of India and helped them integrate with diverse social and cultural affinities around the country .It invokes a sense of embarrassment in me today to mention that it was responsible for the “dilution of Kashmir issue” to a large extent some years back. While the above mentioned developments are encouraging and motivating to take further steps in the direction of healing the burns of sufferers on both sides of Redcliff line, yet there seems to be lack of political will to resolve the issues. For some years now the overall space for dissent in the country is being choked, leave aside the regionalism and regional aspirations like the Kashmir Issue.In a recent newspaper report ,the number of militant-group joinings in Kashmir in 2013 was as low as less than 50, while it was around more than 440 in 2018,and is still not stopping. It is the direct outcome of political negligence and arrogance.
“Jamhuriyat” (Democracy),”Kashmiriyat” and “Insaniyat” (Humanity) is still
lingering in Kashmir. In the process of “Operation All Out” and “Operation All
Out 2.0” we have been loosing precious human resources which could once be our
From “NDA officers,Majors,Colonells and Soldiers to Scholars ,Doctors Engineers ,Academicians ,Teachers,Students , Qaris and Muftis, we have been
indiscriminately losing potential assets which can never be compensated for.
When we look at their writings and listen to their speeches, they prove to be
better motivators and mentors of ideology for many. So, instead of creating anegative narrative and pushing them behind the walls, it is better to use them for
the betterment of the nation by creating a positive narrative in them.
A typical piece of writing by Dr .Manan Wani might have sent current through the spines of many intellectuals around the country which is a testimony to the fact that we are losing precious human resources every passing day for virtually nothing in return. Reaction is natural to every action and proved by Newton as well. If we try to tinker with the basic rights like Permanent Residence Certificate of even most peaceful people like those of Arunachal Pradesh ,they are ,but natural, bound react with their utmost anger and energy to defend what holds their existence. Kashmiris are no exception to this. Keeping the recent geopolitical developments in mind, we should pause and re-think what prompted the world’s strongest country to ‘accept defeat’ and pull out of Afghanistan ,and join tables for talks to Taliban .Better late than never, the west has understood its next course of action which is dialogue and only dialogue . This is true for not only in Kashmir but in rest of the left wing extremism affected areas of the country if we respect their aspirations and intend to make India a better place to live in. If U.S can bring Taliban on table and talk to them directly, why can’t we give a chance for better sense to prevail?

( The author is an engineer, C.E.O and Fonder at Falcon Innovations Pvt Ltd and a civil service aspirant based in New Delhi. Views are his own, amirayub41@gmail.com)

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