Plight of jobless youths in Kashmir



Kashmir is passing through challenging period in regard to economic, social and political disorder. With a fast depletion of natural resources, deteriorating agriculture, there are demonstrations and strikes, which affect hundreds every day. The youth potential if properly harnessed can bring a socio-economic revolution in Kashmir. Increasing spells of joblessness, among educated and uneducated youth both, will have far reaching impact on the economic and social life of young people. Youth unemployment results in social disintegration, discord and disagreement. Hence, lack of proper employment opportunities for young people can have negative consequences for poverty alleviation strategies as well. Therefore there is need to engage the youth in reasonable jobs so as to improve the State. Kashmir is currently in the process of emerging form a highly controlled economy. Kashmir has been criticized for having unbalanced growth Proliferation of ‘state-of-the –art’ technology development.
Administration does not hide the fact that significant numbers of Kashmiri are jobless; the one aspect of this unequal development that particularly affects the youth is the crippling inadequacy of current infrastructure. Ignoring the youth is not an option. If they remained unemployed, the problems of the state would multiply with serious implications for society, economy, stability and peace. The Kashmiri youth have incredible potential and spirit that can create more economic opportunities for them in collaboration with business entities. In fact, the rich human resources can play a productive role in sustainable economic growth. However, a lot of initiatives are needed for utilizing the energies, potential and time of this most valuable asset in right direction through effective management by creating more and more job opportunities for professional, non-professional. Efforts are required for creating new and better jobs so as the biggest asset can play a positive and proactive role in the socioeconomic development of the state before it gets too late.

(The author is presently working on a project at Kashmir University on youth Entrepreneurship and Education in conflict Areas – A study of Higher Education. Views are his own,

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