My struggle for education,teaching….

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Education plays an important role in changing the life of an individual. It helps to bring moral, social and economic development of the society. Happiness and prosperity of nation can only be brought by education as it galvanizes minds of people that help them to think positively and constructively for the betterment of the society. Life throws up so many challenges to individuals from cradle to grave as it has to pass through obstacles but facing challenge with verve is a biggest challenge. It can help a human being to combat all turmoils and pass all obstructions. Education is the only guide to face and neutralise every kind of challenge with ease and yearns a human being to Iive a successful life.Education is not about doing a degree, it is all about how you settle yourself as a human being without avarice because society can rejoice with goodness and righteousness of every human being. It can become easily free from any misery, violent acts, botheration, chaotic situation, vandalism and other abnormalities. When everyone deserves to be educated and in modern era desire knocks everyone to have educational thirst even if one looks distressed and lacks supportive conditions. I also had a great desire to achieve high educational goals and in my childhood days I evidently got my inspiration from my teachers and highly qualified persons and during school days I was only thinking how my dreams can come true and it was always going through my mind how can I reach the target and achieved the desired goal.I remembered only that I had the ambition of reaching my targets in higher education and this idea was constantly striking my brain day and night. I had started to focus completely on my studies but in a wild goose chase way. Lack of proper educational family back ground made my journey difficult. I held my nerves, toiled and put all my efforts to achieve my long and bright educational career. Allah’ s support, nice friendship environment and good wishes of my parents I found myself capable enough to face all huge challenge that were coming my way and followed the right paths with the realization that I would probably never left myself alone and Alhamdulilah got regular successes. The day when I started my journey and choose to pursue the path of excellence in education ,I was no way knowing that how to get basic tips of learning from my teacher and stumbled time and again. Started to develop a group with other students and enjoyed the company mixed with some callous approach of friends at times. From the beginning I was able to understand teaching skills of teachers and what they actually want from student’s side was all making me to understand the good traits of teacging . I involved myself thoroughly in my pre-schooling times. I passed my matriculation from Roup Reshi Islamia High school Kuchmullah and had a great craving for writing from my childhood. I drafted many topics on different subjects and didn’t actually share it with my friends and classmates but I used to concentrate all interest upon my studies. Then I went to Srinagar for my UG degree and this move really boosted my confidence for pursuing higher education. In 2006, I was determined to go for higher education and got admission in Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. There I completed my PG as well as M.Phil Degree in Botany.
During my stay at the University I got the definite idea about the direction I had to follow and I knew that it would even cost me enough to cover my whole journey but still my boosting power and passion never prompted me to see at any sign of negation. I did not find anyone to sympathize me thoroughly to settle my ambition. I consoled and consolidated myself to go for PhD and I ranked top in entrance test but one issue troubled me severely and gave me a grave fear as I found my home side lackadaisical to assist me financially. At any rate, I got only a half-hearted consent from my guide to continue PhD that was not sufficient enough to reach the target. With my fewer degrees I found myself able to earn something in a small private school and working in a Higher Secondary at Srinagar helped me to earns some money later as I had been bearing the burden of family expenses. Some friends and one or two relatives helped me and all that what I could do but of course that was not a great deal for . When I did earn much, most of it went in the direction of paying the household expenses. From 2010 I saw good day coming my way as a teacher, Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Bhat, of a private school, GOUSIA INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION BATAGUND met me and offered to become partner of this school. Consequently I got a big admiration in and around and made thorough deliberations over it with my soul and heart. This has worked nicely and I got big opportunity to work for the service of human kind when I started teaching students at my own school along with my two partners Mr. Abdul Ahad Mujahid and Mr. Molvi Irshad Ahmad. They have really inspired me and stubbornly I refused to change my plan despite attempts have were on to revoke my decision. This way I got big a opportunity to adapt myself to earn while learning and I refocused on my educational career again and completed my second PG and M.phil in Sociology. Working at my own school has given life in my dead soul and created every kind of opportunity to achieve my long pending goals e,g PhD. Being an administrator of the school specifically I started to focus on my teaching line and for making my teaching skillful than others.I completed my B.Ed and M.Ed. These two degrees helped me enough to inspire the students during teaching and motivated me more and more to become a successful teacher in the eyes of students. I contributed myself in different educational fields and wrote down number of articles to highlight the effective ways of teaching and remedial measures of a boring teaching-learning process. I have worked with various news organizations like Rising Kashmir, Kashmir Horizon, Kashmir Reader and Brighter Kashmir as a writer and a columnist to highlight the woes of the people of Kashmir, tried my best to aware the people about their rights and enduring them to dare any penury condition with courage and strength. This sort of writing has inspirited me and developed a vision of doing research in different educational fields and published number of papers in national and international journals. More so, this has given me a sense of recognizing right and wrong . On ground I tried to prove that truth can never be buried and it’s strength can’t be uprooted. In the spirit of teaching i also got a chance to work as a counselor at Govt degree college Tral where I counsel the students with full spirit and in something great and innovative way. I always give students an opportunity to negotiate their dreams, enlighten them with new means of achieving successes. In teaching I behave like a friend, kindhearted and motivational guide and I also instruct and motivate the students to accomplish all big achievements. So I love my profession very much and try hard to bridge the gaps with the students aspiring for a good future with honesty and dedication. In my life I have seen many storms and most storms have caught me by surprise. To achieve educational career I learnt very quickly by showing patience and determination to make sure that my dreams come true. In life don’t wait for something to happen but make it happen with hope and determination. Finally may Allah reward me a fruitful success in hereafter along with parents, relatives and friends and also open an eye to remove us from all agonizing and trifling acts of this mortal world. Aameen!

(The author a teacher by profession .Views is his own)

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