Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

Kashmir a political issue, needs political solution to satisfy all stake holders, Farooq

Dr Abdullah said reiterated  demand for result oriented dialogue between India and Pakistan. He said the stakeholders in Afghanistan are nearing a solution notwithstanding the violence that the country is fraught with.
“Both India and Pakistan should open the channels of dialogue with the people of state living on either side of the Line of Control. The measure should be followed by a dialogue between India and Pakistan. Such an all encompassing dialogue will enable the both countries reach a solution which is acceptable to people living in the different regions of the erstwhile state. I believe we have had enough, if both India and Pakistan have to grow then it is indispensable for them to find solutions to the issues hammering their relation. I believe the time has come when both the countries should embark on path of dialogue. Any solution if it has to be a viable one should offer a win-win situation for the two countries as well as the people living across the erstwhile state,” he said.
While expressing disappointment over the dwindling secular fabric Dr Abdullah said, “The country we are living in today is poles apart from what it used to be, and what it was desired to be by the founding fathers of the Constitution of India.
He said today we have a political dispensation at the helm of affairs at the center that is inclined to rob the country of its secular character. The fascist and communal forces are hell bent to change the secular visage of the country, he alleged and said nonetheless India belongs to all its citizens, the country belongs to all.  The country men have to keep it in their mind that the idea of progress is deficient if any community feels left out. India cannot grow if the growth of its minorities is stunted.”
Former Chief Minister Abdullah said the catch-words of ‘Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas’ didn’t see any implementation, the words were just shredded over and over again  rendering them useless. “The other day the central budget had absolutely nothing for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Today we see how our people are being intimidated on National Highway. Every now and then we see the governor administration come up with reckless diktats of all sorts. I don’t see any of the actions of the central government reflect their sincerity for the materialization of the slogan. The divisional administration is also giving misleading statements in this context. The people especially the traders, students, and patients are at the receiving end of this,” he said.
While asking the workers to rally round the party flag he said, “We are faced with a difficult situation.  Our state is facing a grim situation. Our identity, integrity is facing immense threats. The need of the hours calls for forging unity. We have to shun our regional, religious prejudices for the greater good of the state.  Art 370, Art 35-A are the articles of faith for us. We will continue to work for the restoration of Autonomy to the state.”


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