Jamaat Ban-Legalised or Doctrined

Shah Shafat

It can’t be ruled out that the period post Pulwama attack has been a trailer of doomsday for Kashmir. On one side a war between two nuclear neighbours was about to burst while uneasy and suspicious developments were going on in the valley. The deployment of additional companies of forces with immediate effect and the mass crackdown on socio-political organisation, JeI in Kashmir created huge panic among the valleyites. The situation was really panicky, gloomy and full of silver and yes it was quite reflecting from the faces of Kashmiris, but the irony was that nobody was knowing what is in offing. All were guessing different mantras and obviously, this time every Kashmiri pretended to b a think-tank of climax. In the meanwhile, the stupid silence of ignorance came to an end by a breaking News around 10 Pm on 28th of February, but unfortunately, news was shocking and dejecting enough. The news read, “JeI JK banned”. It was obviously a branded killing touch for the Kashmirs. In the aftermath of this ridiculous move by the union government, the pain and anger showed an upward trajectory in the valley, from roads to social media, all were abuzz with the unfortunate news of ban on JAMAAT. And yes the anger was just and inevitable after this undemocratic move. As JAMAAT since it’s formation has tirelessly worked for the holistic development of Kashmiris as an socio-religious organisation. This is an inescapable fact that needs to be recognised irrespective of ideological differences with the JAMAAT. Kashmir has been a victim of countless miseries and agonies since decades. From the armed rebellion of 90s to the mass rebellion of 2008,9,10,13 and 16,kashmir has seen dying its innocent and untainted ppl, it has seen its people becoming homeless, it has seen the daughters becoming widows and half-widows, it has seen its children becoming orphans, it has seen the big buildings being churned into rubble and last but not the least, Kashmir witnessed the worst ever catastrophic floods of September 2014, and what not..All these miseries ruined it’s beauty, gorgeousness and charm. In these times of deep grief and somber ,the whole populace of valley badly needed an unconditional and timely assistance. And history remains testimony to thefact that during these tough and sturdy times, Jamaat vehemently volunteered itself for the people. On one side it continued to advocate a peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute through a comprehensive dialogue process while on the other it galvanised its whole cadre to assist and aid the helpless people of valley in the catastrophic times. The BAITUL MAALS (charitable units) which were raised with every single penny of its associates who are undemocratically being put behind bars by the fascist forces),were incorporated to provide economic assistance to depreciated and downtrodden and to ensure no person irrespective of communal colour is left without food and shelter.
During the devastating floods of 2014, JeI Jk was at the forefront of public service. It not only provided aid and assistance to flood affected people but the filth inside public places and surroundings was cleared by the Jamaat cadre itself. Their sacrifices to elevate the human values are unforgettable. Jamaat’s relentless sacrifices for diverse sections of society can’t be disfigured by slapping draconian PSA on its associates. The poet of East, Sir Mohammed Iqbal rightly says;
Moreover, Jamaat has been honestly working for fostering the sectarian bonds in the state. It used every opportunity to minimize the gap between different sects and sections of the society .It is quite evident from its relief and rehabilitation measures under which every miserable persons irrespective of sect ,class and religion was provided equal aid and assistance. The clerics of Jamaat have always emphasized on the sectarian harmony and the need to maintain it in this multi sectarian state. Jamaat has always remained stuck to its Constitution, which guarantees equal and proportional share of interests to all the people living in the state. There is not a single unequivocal article or section in the Jamaats Constitution, called as Dastoor, wherein terrorism or even extremism has been articulated and manifested in any form, but despite being the ambassadors of peace, tranquility and goodwill in the region, Jamaat has been illogically and unlawfully declared as a Banned organization by the centre. It is political vendetta that the GoI has been since long resorting to while dealing with the Kashmiris. Despite Jamaal’s honest and cemented efforts to bring the state out from the clutches of disorder and mayhem, it unfortunately became the victim of Muslim phobia and Kashmir phobia policies of BJP led government at the centre. No doubt these anti Muslim forces have somehow curbed the movement of this enlightening lamp, but they can never ever stop the bright beams of peace and tranquility coming out of it. It is evident to everybody that despite the Jamaat’s unflinching efforts for the restoration of human values, it got banned illogically. It can’t be ruled that the Ban on Jamaat is obviously a doctrined one. Ridiculous indeed. However, it is disturbing to see such a vast nation playing leading role in the global democratic setup is using every irrational and non democratic measure to crush the political dissent in this part of planet. Let us hope that the government of India understands the real essence of Democratic norms.

(The author is the student of political science at Cluster University Srinagar. Views are his own 7051565693a@gmail.com)

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