Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Forming a committee over division headquarter at Leh a delaying tactics: PDP’s Akhter

Srinagar : PDP MLC and former Works Minister Nayeem Akhter on Tuesday alleged that the government has resorted to ‘delaying tactic’ by constituting a committee of secretaries to give justice to Kargil residents who have been demonstrating for the last four days against controversial order on location of division headquarter at Leh.
Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a function at Bandipora Akhter said that when the government decided to give divisional status to Ladakh they didn’t invite any stakeholder to seek discussion on this. “… and why would they now invite stakeholders to give justice to Kargil?” he asked.
“These are just delaying tactics by the governor’s administration. Governor Malik didn’t bother to invite people from Ladakh or even from valley to seek a discussion on providing divisional status to Ladakh. Forming a committee to give justice to Kargil is sort of a delaying tactic and nothing else,” he said.
Akhtar said that providing divisional status to Ladakh would have been the agenda of BJP and now that people of Kargil are demanding justice the governor says they have formed a committee of secretaries which is only a delaying policy.
“The committee of secretaries doesn’t have a laboratory where they can find a solution to provide justice to the people of Kargil. The only solution for this is to make the divisional office rotational like it is for Jammu and Kashmir regions. The government should take cue from history and resolve this dispute and provide justice to the people of Kargil,” he said.
“If the people of Jammu and Kashmir are together it is because of the Darbar move and likewise government should resolve the Ladakh issue on the same lines. Governor is not aware of the complexity of the state. Here one issue is resolved another pops up so there is a need to address this issue very carefully.”
On Monday, the state administration said they have formed a committee of secretaries which will look into the issue so that Kargil gets justice


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